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What motivated you to write an expanded edition of Blue Ocean Strategy?

Kim & Mauborgne: Through both our discussions and research studies with executives and managers who have implemented Blue Ocean Strategy over the years, we noticed that some of the same questions were being asked repeatedly and we wanted to address these. Questions such as: How do we align all of our activities around our blue ocean strategy? What do we do when our blue ocean has become red? How can we avoid the strong gravitational pulls of “red ocean thinking” – what we call “red ocean traps” – even as we are pursuing a blue ocean strategy? In order to best answer these questions, we decided an expanded edition of the book would be appropriate.

The expanded edition of Blue Ocean Strategy adds two new chapters and expands a third to address managers’ key challenges and trouble spots and how to best address them. It also updates all cases and examples in the book, bringing their stories up to the present time. We are really excited about the expanded edition and what it brings to readers around the world. The lessons it contains are applicable regardless of where an organization is based and whether it is an established corporation, an startup, nonprofit, or government. We hope people the world over will enjoy it and find it a worthwhile read.

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