Six Paths Framework

To win in the future companies need to stop trying to beat the competition. The Six Paths Framework developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne allows managers to address the search risk many companies struggle with. It enables them to successfully identify out of the haystack of possibilities that exist, commercially compelling blue oceans by reconstructing market boundaries.

Head-to-Head Competition Blue Ocean Creation
Industry Focuses on rivals within its industry Looks across alternative industries
Strategic Group Focuses on competitive position within strategic group Looks across strategic groups within industry
Buyer Group Focuses on better serving the buyer group Redefines the industry buyer group
Scope of Product or Service Offering Focuses on maximizing the value of product and service offerings within the bounds of its industry Looks across to complementary product and service offerings
Functional-emotional Orientation Focuses on improving the price performance within the functional-emotional orientation of its industry Rethinks the functional-emotional orientation of its industry
Time Focuses on adapting to external trends as they occur Participates in shaping external trends over time

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Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean StrategyRed Ocean vs. Blue Ocean Strategy
Value InnovationValue Innovation
Strategy CanvasStrategy Canvas
Four Actions FrameworkFour Actions Framework
Six Paths FrameworkSix Paths Framework
Pioneer Migrator Settler MapPioneer Migrator Settler Map
Three Tiers of NoncustomersThree Tiers of Noncustomers
Sequence of Creating a Blue OceanSequence of Creating a Blue Ocean
Buyer Utility MapBuyer Utility Map
Price Corridor of the MassPrice Corridor of the Mass
Four Hurdles to Strategy ExecutionFour Hurdles to Strategy Execution
Tipping Point LeadershipTipping Point Leadership
Fair ProcessFair Process
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