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Blue Ocean Global Network

Start Your Blue Ocean Journey

The Blue Ocean Global Network (BOGN), created by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, is a global community of practitioners. They work with corporations, national governments, non-profit organizations to formulate and execute blue ocean strategies through keynote speeches, client consulting projects, workshops, and training programs.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Deep Dive Webinar Series

The BOS Deep Dive Webinar Series offers a simple and convenient way to deepen your understanding of blue ocean strategy​. During these live five webinar sessions you will:

  • learn about the strategic logic, concepts and key principles of blue ocean strategy;
  • dive deep into blue ocean strategy analytics and tools;
  • learn about the systematic process of creating blue oceans;
  • explore how to build execution into blue ocean strategy;
  • get your questions personally answered by a blue ocean strategy practitioner

The webinars are hosted by senior BOS practitioners with experience working on blue ocean strategies across many geographies and industries in public and private institutions. The live sessions consist of both a tutorial and question & answer session and provide participants an opportunity to submit their specific questions about blue ocean strategy in advance via email or ask live during the webinar sessions.

In case a live session is missed, an audio-visual recording will be available for participants to view for up to 5 days after each webinar session.


Training or Consulting for your Organization

To determine whether your company needs a Blue Ocean Expert, ask whether any of the following conditions corresponds with the situation your organization is up against:

  • Your organization increasingly finds itself stuck in a red ocean of bloody competition characterized by commoditization of offerings, declining price points, and market share battles.
  • Your organization invests significantly in R&D, but often fails to translate R&D investments into large commercial opportunities.
  • Your organization would like to enhance the quality of organizational members’ strategic thinking and action in a setting that encourages leading-edge learning on how to make the competition irrelevant in your industry setting.

If you can identify with any of the above situations, then Blue Ocean Strategy is right for you.

To find a BOS expert to help your organization, please

Please be sure to provide us with a brief description of your company’s needs, the scope of your request and your exact geographical location.

Speaker Requests

To request W. Chan Kim or Renée Mauborgne to be a speaker or to find a Blue Ocean Global Network speaker for an event, please click on the link below to fill in the form to provide us with a brief description of your company’s needs, geographical location, size of the audience, the desired length of time for the talk, and a date if already determined.