Is a blue ocean offering necessarily the first mover in the market?

Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne: Blue ocean strategy is not about being first to market. Rather it is about being first to get it right by linking innovation to value. One need only look to Apple here. From the iMac to the iPad, none of Apple’s breakthrough products have been the first in their category. But what they all successfully did was to link innovation to value. Organizations that mistakenly assume blue ocean strategy is about being first to market all too often get their priorities wrong. They inadvertently put speed before value. Corporate graveyards are full of companies that got to market first with innovative offerings not linked to value. Think about MITS, the company that created the first PC, or Ampex, first mover in the VCR market. Both laid the eggs only for other companies to hatch them. To avoid this trap, companies must remember that while speed may be important, linking innovation to value is absolutely essential. No company should rest easy until it achieves value innovation.

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