The Four Actions Framework developed by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne is used to reconstruct buyer value elements in crafting a new value curve or strategic profile. To break the trade-off between differentiation and low cost in creating a new value curve, the framework poses four key questions, shown in the diagram, to challenge an industry’s strategic logic.

Four Actions Framework Blue Ocean Strategy

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The Four Actions Framework poses four key questions to translate insights into well-constructed strategies:

  • Which factors that the industry takes for granted should be eliminated?
  • Which factors should be reduced well below the industry‚Äôs standard?
  • Which factors should be raised well above the industry‚Äôs standard?
  • Which factors that the industry has never offered should be created?

These questions help you to challenge an industry’s strategic logic and business model to arrive at blue ocean moves that break the trade-off between differentiation and low cost.

Four Actions Framework Examples

Check out the Four Actions Framework examples and learn how to use the tool in action.
Learn how citizen and [yellow tail] reconstructed buyer value elements to offer buyers an entirely new experience, while simultaneously keeping their cost structure low.

Four Actions Framework Examples

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