Whether you are a cash-strapped startup, nonprofit or a large, established company with bureaucratic obstacles, Blue Ocean Shift shows you how to build your people’s confidence and move from existing markets crowded with competition – or red oceans full of sharks – to blue oceans of new market space and explosive growth by applying a systematic five-step approach.

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STEP 1: Get Started

Step 1 helps you to choose the right place to start your blue ocean initiative by guiding you towards focusing on areas that are most suitable, so that your zone of transformation is not too ambitious, in light of the organizational constraints you may face.

STEP 2: Understand Where You Are Now

Step 2 inspires a natural wake-up call in the team and the wider organization about the current state of play and creates real alignment and a collective will to make a shift by building a clear picture of the current competitive landscape.

STEP 3: Imagine Where You Could Be

Step 3 helps you to start to make the shift from what is to what could be by identifying specific pain points and unlocking unprecedented value for buyers. It helps you beak away from conceiving too narrowly of whom an industry’s customers are by exploring the total demand landscape outside the current industry’s understanding.

STEP 4: Find How You Get There

Step 4 shows you how to create commercially compelling new market space by redefining the playing field of strategy as well as how to formulate them into well-constructed strategies.

STEP 5: Make Your Move

Step 5 guides you towards deciding on which blue ocean move to pursue by enabling a fair process that consolidates people’s commitment to, and support for, the chosen move, culminating in alignment that allows top management to select the right option to move forward with.


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