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What metrics and efforts are used to sustain blue ocean leadership?

Kim & Mauborgne: First off yes, the factors on the x-axis of the to-be leadership canvas tend to remain relatively stable. These factors are determined during the four-step blue ocean leadership process by subteams of senior managers, based on analyses of consistent findings from interviews at each management level. Unless an organization goes through a major organizational change such as a large M&A or faces a new strategic reality that introduces a host of new performance metrics and requirements, in our experience new leadership practices set by an effective process of blue ocean leadership normally remain relatively stable for several years. When such a situation does occur, the organization would need to go through another round of the four-step process during which the new to-be profiles would be explored and identified. The feedback and dialogue mechanism established between leaders, their bosses and their subordinates is key to monitoring whether employees continue to be engaged and whether the current to-be leadership profile meets the requirements for a high-performing organization.

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