Blue ocean leadership involves a four-step process developed by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne that allows leaders to gain a clear understanding of just what changes it would take to bring out the best in their people, while CONSERVING their most precious resource: TIME.

  1. See your leadership reality
  2. Develop alternative Leadership Profiles
  3. Select to-be Leadership Profiles
  4. Institutionalize new leadership practices
  • Blue Ocean Leadership puts as much emphasis on what acts and activities leaders should eliminate and reduce in what they do as on what they should raise and create to become highly effective leaders
  • Blue ocean leaders win because their plates are cleared of low-value activities so that they are free to lead and focus on what matters centrally. Employees win because they are now getting the leadership they need to succeed.
  • Blue ocean leadership uses analytic tools like the Leadership Canvas and the Blue Ocean Leadership Grid to make this happen. These highly visual tools allow leaders and organizations to see, measure and track leadership changes in a real way which is much more practical and easier than trying to track changes in a leader’s values and behavioral traits.