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What happens when leaders aren’t capable of expected actions?

Kim & Mauborgne: No change can happen without pain. Capabilities can be developed, but only when people feel there is a need to do so. The as-is leadership profiles help leaders wake up to reality and see the need for change. The to-be leadership profiles set specific targets for leaders to attain and zoom in on key acts and activities that leaders need to cut back on to free up time and space for those they should focus on to dramatically uplift leadership performance. By focusing on acts and activities, the tasks for change are atomized. Instead of asking leaders to be fair, supporting and facilitating, for example, the profile lists specific items such as “align rewards with performance,” “set performance goals together,” “share best practices across teams,” etc., giving leaders a clear guideline to reorient their acts and activities. Compared with traditional leadership programs that often focus on attitudes and behaviors that can take years of dedicated effort to cultivate, this approach offers leaders a relatively straightforward way to make high-impact changes happen fast and at low cost. As our research has shown, it is far easier to change what you do than who you are.

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