How do you establish the links between a certain activity and high value?

Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne: First, through interviewing the heads of and subordinates of leaders at each management level, we can identify acts and activities that are critical to the specific market reality and performance goals of each management level through the consistency of comments and feedback across the leaders’ customers. The analytical results are expressed on the as-is leadership canvases, which allow organizations to visually understand how much time and energy leaders are currently investing in those acts and activities. Step two of the blue ocean leadership process then drives the organization to conduct a second round of interviews that seeks further confirmation of the major roadblocks to high motivation and engagement due to the existing leadership practice and what new pathways to high performance should be opened up. We call the former ‘cold-spots’ and the latter ‘hot spots.’ Using the blue ocean leadership grid to analyze the input, we finally determine which acts and activities are conducive to uplifting organizational performance and market results. These are high-value activities that should be raised or created. Those that add little or no value should be either reduced or eliminated. Accordingly, the results are expressed visually on the to-be leadership canvases.

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