Blue Ocean Leadership Q & A

Kim & Mauborgne Answer Your Questions Here

  • Can blue ocean leadership be applied to small organizations?

    Kim & Mauborgne: Yes, definitely. Blue Ocean Leadership works equally for large, medium and small organizations. In fact, one of the strengths of blue ocean leadership is its scalability – [...]

    Does the blue ocean leadership process require a deep belief and buy in to be successful?

    Kim & Mauborgne: For any strategic or organizational transformation to be implemented effectively, a deep buy in is a must. Without an intellectual and emotional understanding of the logic for [...]
  • How do you evaluate blue ocean leadership performance?

    Kim & Mauborgne: First, there is no one single or generic formula for evaluating leadership performance. Depending on the market reality an organization faces, different organizations will have different criteria [...]

    Is blue ocean leadership really ‘new’ in essence?

    Kim & Mauborgne: First, traditional leadership development programs and theories normally look at the supply side and focus on who leaders need to be. Factors they examine include values, qualities [...]
  • How do you establish the links between a certain activity and high value?

    Kim & Mauborgne: First, through interviewing the heads of and subordinates of leaders at each management level, we can identify acts and activities that are critical to the specific market [...]

    What happens when leaders aren’t capable of expected actions?

    Kim & Mauborgne: No change can happen without pain. Capabilities can be developed, but only when people feel there is a need to do so. The as-is leadership profiles help [...]
  • How can disengaged employees be trusted to help chart the company’s future?

    Kim & Mauborgne: There will always be some people who are disengaged with no intent to change. These are the people an organization may rightly be cautious to trust. That [...]

    How are the activities of leaders linked to their markets?

    Kim & Mauborgne: By connecting to market realities, we mean that under blue ocean leadership the people who face market realities in an organization are asked for their direct input [...]
  • What metrics and efforts are used to sustain blue ocean leadership?

    Kim & Mauborgne: First off yes, the factors on the x-axis of the to-be leadership canvas tend to remain relatively stable. These factors are determined during the four-step blue ocean [...]

    Are the change management tools the same as those you offer in the Blue Ocean Strategy book?

    Kim & Mauborgne: Yes, largely. In blue ocean strategy, tipping point leadership and fair process are two key frameworks that allow companies to build execution into strategy making and overcome [...]
  • How do you conduct the senior level interviews with the employees?

    Kim & Mauborgne: The senior managers talk directly with employees. Typically, the team in charge of conducting interviews at the three management levels of senior, middle and frontline is composed [...]

    Who creates alternative profiles for a given level?

    Kim & Mauborgne: It is always done by a cross-functional group of senior managers chosen to lead the process. At the middle management level, they interview both the heads of [...]