26Apr '18

Josh Sason, Founder & CEO of Magna

IdeaMensch,United States

Josh Sason, Founder & CEO of Magna, describes Blue Ocean Strategy as “a super enlightening business book that encourages us to think about how to truly stand out amongst the competition to innovate boldly and create lasting value.”
24Apr '18

Federal Corporation celebrates 100 years in Oklahoma City

Lackmeyer, S.
NewsOK,United States

Alan Loeffler, the third generation to be at the head of Federal Corporation, a family business celebrating its 100th anniversary, talks about how Blue Ocean Strategy helped his company to strive over the years.
23Apr '18

We View Full Snacks Category As Our Competition: Vikram Agarwal

Ekta, S.
Franchise India,India

Vikram Agarwal, Director of Greendot Health Foods, talks about how Blue Ocean Strategy inspired him to create Cornitos, now the largest nacho crisps brand in India, exporting to thirteen nations.
26Apr '18

Value innovation seen as more critical to S’pore’s growth

Kim & Mauborgne
Business Times,Singapore

With neighbouring countries developing fast and high labour costs, Singapore needs to make the move from value-added to value-creation.
18Apr '18

We need business & political vision as broad as the ocean

Ey, C.
Philadelphia Business Journal,United States

How can cities find new opportunities for growth? Philadelphia Business Journal considers a blue ocean approach.
02Apr '18

No idea for your next move ? Try to shift towards a Blue Ocean.

Buchilly, J.
It’s Your Turn,United States

Jean-Marie Buchilly shares his thoughts on Blue Ocean Shift and reviews some of the tools & frameworks.
05Apr '18

Blue Ocean Shift: how these market-creation tips and tools can power new innovations

Rao, M.
Your Story,United States

Madanmohan Rao reviews Blue Ocean Shift and shares his six takeaways for innovators.
09Apr '18

Blue Ocean Strategy — The Future Trend Of Business Strategy?

Mehwish, T.

Tanzila Mehwish discusses the application of blue ocean strategy by Gokongwei group and Cebu Pacific, two companies from the Philippines, and identifies blue ocean opportunities in the insurance sector.
11Apr '18

Brand Positioning: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Kaye, D.
Bear Creek Farm,United States

Debra Kaye discusses her blue ocean journey and describes how she applied it to her flower farm.
12Apr '18

Nýir markaðir

Barðadóttir, S.J.

Sigrún Jenný Barðadóttir shares the key learning points of Blue Ocean Shift and explains how Iceland could benefit from them.
12Apr '18

Blue Ocean Strategy

Macháčkovi, E. & Z.
SystemOnline,Czech Republic

Eva and Zdeněk Macháčkovi review the Blue Ocean Strategy tools and frameworks.
14Apr '18

Bí quyết thành công “top mọi thời đại” của Black Panther “cũ xì” đến mức…

Lê Thanh Sang

Lê Thanh Sang argues that the success of Black Panther, the latest Marvel superhero movie, is the result of a blue ocean strategy approach.
15Apr '18

No La Enfrentes, Sácale La Vuelta

Cash Flow Control,Asia

The author discusses the blue ocean strategy concepts and tools and analyses the blue ocean created by Cirque du Soleil.
03Apr '18

The Success of ‘Black Panther’ Illustrates a Smart Business Strategy

Wise, S
,United States

Find out what the billion-dollar blockbuster teaches entrepreneurs about Blue Ocean Strategy.
01Apr '18

A Lesson In Entrepreneurship From Marvel Studios Part 1

Ladha, S
Quaterlifeviews,United States

Salman Ladha discusses how Marvel Studios went from bankruptcy to billions by applying a blue ocean strategy to their business model.
30Mar '18

Το πρώτο μπλε κρασί στον κόσμο είναι γεγονός


Read the story of six young entrepreneurs who are turning the wine market blue.
27Mar '18

7 Errores Que No Debes Cometer En Tu Estrategia De Segmentación De Mercados

Albaladejo, J

Juan Albaladejo recommends following the Blue Ocean Strategy process to build a viable business model.
27Mar '18

Pour le DG du brasseur SABC, l’agro-industrie peut devenir “l’Océan bleu” de l’économie camerounaise

Mbodiam, B
Investir au Cameroun,Africa

Emmanuel de Tailly, CEO of SABC brewery, discusses how agribusiness can become the blue ocean of the Cameroonian economy.
25Mar '18

Les 5 idées à retenir de… « Cap sur l’océan bleu »

Turmeau, R
Les Echos,France

Regine Turmeau shares 5 key learning points from the French edition of Blue Ocean Shift.
23Mar '18

Innovations that created ‘blue oceans’ in their business spheres

Garcia, A
Born2Invest,United Kingdom

Arturo Garcia argues that Cambridge University has created a blue ocean with its 3D printing of retinal cells.
23Mar '18

Lessons from Facebook’s latest crisis from ‘Blue Ocean Shift’ author


What can we learn from Facebook's recent troubles? According to Professor Renee Mauborgne, co-author of Blue Ocean Shift, the company lost sight of a critical element. And why does focusing on disruption leave whole new markets and opportunities for growth off the table? Renee Mauborgne explains why. Check out her interview with BNN to learn more.
22Mar '18

Peur de la concurrence ? Courage, fuyez … et innovez !

Torregrosa, S

Stephane Torregrosa encourages to stop trying to beat the competition and to start creating your own blue ocean.
20Mar '18

EDITORIAL: Campañas enredadas en Internet

Garza, E
Mex News,Mexico

Eloy Garza sees political campaigns as a saturated market - red ocean - and thinks that there are unexplored blue oceans to discover through social networks to unlock noncustomers - nonvoters.
18Mar '18

Lead Differently for a Different Workforce

Mogul,United States

Elba Pareja-Gallagher discusses Blue Ocean Leadership and explains how to implement the three e-principles of Fair Process to your company.
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