01Jun '18

Los relojeros suizos y la estrategia de los océanos azules

Biancarelli, R.

In the saturated market of smart-watches, Swiss manufacturers are looking for their blue ocean.
01Jun '18

Why tech innovation isn’t the answer everyone thinks it is

Kim, W.Chan.

Who invented the home computer or the VCR? The answer may surprise you, and teach you a valuable lesson about innovation.
31May '18

Finding strength in weakness: Raul Anthony ‘Ton’ Concepcion

Masige, S.
The CEO Magazine,United States

Raul Anthony ‘Ton’ Concepcion, President of the Philippines-based refrigerator company Concepcion Durables Incorporated, explains how focusing on blue ocean strategy made his company successful despite the difficult local manufacturing sector.
22May '18

Opinion / Deep dive

Dimitrova, K.
Contagious,United States

Unfamiliar territory equals risk? Contagious takes a look at why that might not be true.
22May '18

After The FMFA 2014 Disaster, His Event Company Was Supposed To Sink—It Didn’t

Wong, D.J.
Vulcan Post,Malaysia

Iqbal Ameer, CEO of Livescape Group and a Top 40 Under 40, talks about how his company managed to find its blue ocean with It’s The Ship!, a 4-day-3-night getaway featuring international music and full-on partying aboard a cruise-liner.
18May '18

Want to find & own uncontested markets? Try Blue Ocean Strategy

Barrett, S.

If you are wondering where the profit margins are, where the uncontested ground is, where the next big idea you can capitalise on is, where the profitable sales opportunities that deliver sustainable business results are; Sue Barrett suggests to take a look at Blue Ocean Strategy as an alternative strategy to business growth.
16May '18

Quelle entreprise créer ? Compétences, secteur porteur et stratégie

L’Expert Comptable,France

The author explains why blue ocean strategy will help you start your own business.
16May '18

Co-founder Shanru Lai to share how Shopback scaled regionally and where it is headed next…

McSpadden, K.

Kevin McSpadden discusses the success of Singaporean cash-back startup Shopback that he sees as a blue ocean.
16May '18

We do not want to stay the same: Harry Woo

Masige, S.
CEO Magazine,Australia

Harry Woo, Managing Director and Senior Vice President Asia Pacific at Panduit, discusses blue ocean strategy and how it will help sustain future business and results.
16May '18

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Blue Ocean Product

Cairo, C.
Business.com,United States

Cristiano Cairo shares tips on how to create your blue ocean.
15May '18

Blue Ocean Strategy: Thesis and Antithesis in the Political-Economic Systems

Analytic Perspective Network,United States

This paper aims to evaluate and analyze the implementation of blue ocean strategy in political-economic systems.
10May '18

Näin muutos onnistuu – “Käytä 30 sekuntia havainnoidaksesi ympäriltäsi kaikki punaiset asiat”

Valonen, M.

Minna Valonen reviews Blue Ocean Shift and highly recommends it to anyone.
10May '18


Endres, H.
Harvard Business Manager,Germany

Helene Endres, Harvard Business Managing Editor, reviews Blue Ocean Shift: “If you want to conquer new markets, you need to know "Blue Ocean Strategy" - a pioneering concept based on management research. Now the inventors have improved their model.”
10May '18



This blog post explains how to reframe and adapt your blue ocean to a constantly changing society and stay relevant.
17May '18

Why We Need to Teach Entrepreneurs Blue Ocean Strategy

Medium,United States

Tannya D. Jajal analyzes the failure of Kodak and argues that today, more than ever, we need blue oceans.
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