12Nov '18

Blue Ocean Strategy imperative for Book Publishers’ Survival

Permana, G.
LittleJohn92,United States

The book publishing industry faces its toughest competition to date. Gilang Permana believes that book publishers need to apply the fundamental aspects of blue ocean strategy to survive.
13Nov '18

人間らしさを大切にしない経営改革は失敗する 「ブルーオーシャン戦略」からの提言

Nishimura, K
The Asahi Shimbun Globe,Japan

In this exclusive interview with The Asahi Shimbun Globe, Professor W. Chan Kim talks about the importance of ‘Humanness”.
12Nov '18

Blue Ocean Strategy and Shift Promote a Fresh Look at Innovation


During his November 2nd keynote address to a fully booked hall of business executives at Panasonic's Cross-Value Innovation Forum 2018 in Tokyo, management guru Chan Kim advises that to achieve high growth, organizations should focus on noncustomers and capture new markets instead of focusing on competing among crowds of challengers.
06Nov '18

Les Blue Ocean Awards Récompensent 11 Entreprises Créatrices De Nouveaux Marchés

Chabal, A

Audrey Chabal discusses the 11 winners of the Blue Ocean Awards 2018, held in Paris on November 6, 2018. 
05Nov '18

How the Biopesticide and SMART-TECH Industries Create a “Blue Ocean” of Uncontested Crop Protection Market…

Teicher, H
Agribusinessglobal,United States

Harry Teicher analyses, using the blue ocean strategy tools & frameworks, how the Danish startup FaunaSmart has created a blue ocean in the crop protection industry.
31Oct '18

Retail in crisis: waar is die blauwe oceaan gebleven?

Desmyttere, P
Marketing Facts,Netherlands

Peter Desmyttere believes that the solution to swimming away from the red ocean of retailing lies in value innovation. The author shares his advice on how to apply blue ocean strategy in the retail sector. 
31Oct '18

Radio’s Blue Ocean Quest

Jacobs, F
Jacobs Media,United States

Fred Jacobs believes that blue ocean thinking is much needed in the radio broadcasting sector.
03Nov '18

Businesses must innovate to survive

Limsamarnphun, N.
The Nation,Thailand

Blue Ocean Shift encourages entrepreneurs to shift from ‘red ocean’ of competition to the ‘blue ocean’ of new market space.
29Oct '18


Diamond Online,Japan

An exclusive interview with Professor W. Chan Kim by Diamond Online.
24Oct '18

Why tech innovation isn’t the answer everyone thinks it is

Kim & Mauborgne
Qrius,United States

Who invented the home computer or the VCR? The answer may surprise you, and teach you a valuable lesson on innovation.
22Oct '18

Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2017/18

The Case Centre,United Kingdom

Professors of Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne are in the Top 10 best-selling authors for the academic year 2017/2018.
18Oct '18

Debunking the ‘Top-down’ Model

Pei, Hua
CommonWealth Magazine,Taiwan

Exclusive interview with Professors Kim & Mauborgne by CommonWealth Magazine.
18Oct '18

DayBreakHotels CEO Simon Botto on making luxury hotels “more accessible”

Travel Daily Media,United States

Using blue ocean strategy, Simon Botto created DayBreakHotels, a platform that offers empty hotel rooms to businesses and travelers who only need them for a few hours.  
17Oct '18

#StudyCase: Shake Shack o cómo revolucionar el universo burger usando Blue Ocean Strategy

Ballarin, E.

This case study describes the blue ocean approach taken by the gourmet fast food chain Shake Shack, that has made them a global phenomenon.
13Oct '18

ブルー・オーシャン戦略をアップデートせよ 誰かを打ち負かすのではなく新市場を作ろう

Tokyo Economic ,Japan

An exclusive interview with Professor W. Chan Kim by Tokyo Economic
08Oct '18

創業超新星/翻轉競爭思維 航向新藍海

Wenxiong, L.

Liu Wenxiong, Dean of the Institute of Industrial Engineering, explains why blue ocean strategy is the key to Taiwanese industries.
06Oct '18


Peihua, L.

Lu Peihua shares five Taiwanese and international blue ocean cases.
05Oct '18


Takamiya, S.
Diamond Online,Japan

Mr. Shinichi Takamiya and Mr. Moogie Kim discuss the requirements of companies that are swimming in a Blue Ocean and the application of Blue Ocean Strategy in the venture capitalist industry.
03Oct '18

Boguddrag: “Med hjerte og hjerne” af Bjarne Hastrup, Henrik Stubkjær og Inge Vestbo

Nordahl, C.

Henrik Stubkjær, General Secretary of Danish People's Aid, a national humanitarian organization, chose to use Blue Ocean Strategy to ensure the organization's growth.
01Oct '18

Revamping Your Career for Digital Oil and Gas

Cann, G.

Is there a blue ocean in digital oil and gas? Geoffrey Cann lays out the several unstoppable trends in digital that give strong clues as to what a future of digital will look.
25Sep '18

Young businesses should adopt the Blue Ocean Strategy, top business strategist says

Amu, A.
The Bruneian,Brunei

Raj Kumar, CEO of UCSI Consulting Group Businesses, encourages businesses to adopt Blue Ocean Strategy at an early age to minimize competition and achieve continuous success.
25Sep '18

Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition Announces Launch of Program for 2018-2019 School Year

Crossroads today,United States

The Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition, the largest student-led entrepreneurial competition for high school students across the globe, announced the launch of its program for the 2018-2019 school year.
24Sep '18

Marketing: how can you take on a big competitor?

Get Fluence,France

Sane Lebrun believes that blue oceans can be created in any market. She sees the French party “En Marche!”, launched by Emmanuel Macron, as a blue ocean that, in less than a year, wiped out the two incumbent dinosaur parties and allowed its founder to take the reins of the world’s fifth power.
18Sep '18

Best Vietnamese books of 2018 announced

Vietnam Plus,Vietnam

Blue Ocean Shift has been announced as the winner of the 2018 Good Books Awards (category: Management) held by the Institute of Education (IRED), Phan Chau Trinh Fund and OpenEdu Initiative in Ho Chi Minh City on September,10, 2018.
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