13Feb '20

From local to International; Lessons from CNN’s Zain Asher

Owusu, Yeboah
Bismarkowusuyeboah blog,Ghana

"I don't believe in competition, I believe in creating what I want." CNN International anchor Zain Asher takes inspiration from Blue Ocean Strategy.
21Nov '19

First woman named world’s most influential management thinker

Horswill I.
CEO Magazine,Australia

INSEAD Professors Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne were ranked the world's most influential management thinkers for their thought-leadership on companies that seek out “blue oceans” of untapped market space, rather than competing head-to-head in “red oceans”.
18Nov '19


Thinkers50,United Kingdom

“At Thinkers50 we believe there is nothing so practical as a great idea, and the concepts and tools developed by Kim and Mauborgne have been utilized throughout the world,” says Thinkers50 co-founder Stuart Crainer.
10Sep '19

Nondisruptive creation: rethinking innovation and growth

InnovationMatrix,United States

We’ve all heard the cry ‘disrupt or die’. The trouble is that this is not only misleading and flat-out wrong, but it leads to what we refer to as innovation myopia." Kim and Mauborgne dispel the myth that innovation must be disruptive.
15Aug '19

PM suggests cabinet members read ‘Blue Ocean Shift’

Thai PBS World,Thailand

It's not just business that benefits from blue ocean thinking. Thailand's Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, recommended Blue Ocean Shift to cabinet members so they can apply its insights to national administration.
07Aug '19

How Ava DuVernay Is Finding Blue Oceans in Hollywood

Merchant, N.
Harvard Business Review,United States

Conquering blue oceans takes more than just believing that they are here. New boats have to be built, crews have work together, and currents found to build momentum and growth. DuVernay provides an excellent example of how to do all three.
10Jun '19

Indian firms should replicate business models at the global level: W. Chan Kim

D, Chaki

Professor Chan Kim discusses how the right strategy holds the key to future growth and survival for companies across the globe.
18Apr '19

062: Renée Mauborgne – Creating New Golf Markets That Make The Competition Irrelevant

Weston, C.
Modgolf,United States

“Knowledge becomes power when we know how to put it into use and into practice to achieve results." Prof Mauborgne joined The ModGolf Podcast to talk about #BlueOceanShift and how it can be applied in any industry, even golf.
21Mar '19

Stop Competing And Start Creating: Nondisruptive Lessons To Shape Companies And Shape Lives

Symonds, M.
Forbes,United States

Nondisruptive creation is a positive-sum approach to innovation that expands the economic pie while solving burning but unaddressed problems our world faces today. Kim and Mauborgne discuss their latest work in an interview with Forbes magazine.
21Feb '19

Nondisruptive Creation: Rethinking Innovation and Growth

Kim & Mauborgne
MIT Sloan Management Review,United States

Many have come to view disruption as a synonym for innovation, but Kim & Mauborgne argue that this leads companies to overlook another building block of innovation and growth, nondisruptive creation.
10Jan '19

Educational Institutions Urged to Employ Blue Ocean Strategy

Smith, A.
Jamaica Information Service,Central America

President of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), Professor Fritz Pinnock, is encouraging heads of educational institutions to employ the Blue Ocean Strategy as a transformational tool.
24Dec '18

La grille des 4 actions de Kim et Mauborgne

HRI Mag,Canada

Christian Latour gives a short explanation of the four actions framework, a tool developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne to reconstruct buyer value elements in crafting a new value curve or strategic profile.
14Dec '18

Independent Meeting Planners: Are You Swimming in a Blue Ocean of Opportunity?

Rozenberg, E.
Event Business Formula,United States

Eric Rozenberg shares his tips for applying blue ocean strategy in the Meeting and Events Industry.
14Dec '18

Blue Ocean Awards 2018 Sweeps in Groundbreaking and Impactful Companies


What are exactly the Blue Ocean Awards, the event directly inspired by Blue Ocean Strategy? This article shows the impact this event had on some of France’s most innovative and market-creative companies.
05Dec '18

LA UPB Y LA AMCHAM TRAEN A LA Nº 1: Renée Mauborgne, coautora del Bestseller…

Ver,South America

During her recent visit in Bolivia, Renée Mauborgne gave a presentation to Bolivian entrepreneurs on Blue Ocean Shift, giving the example of Universidad Privada de Bolivia (UPB) that successfully applied blue ocean strategy.
28Nov '18

Essential Talent Lies Up And Down Every Company


Rob Peters reviews the four hurdles, identified by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, that managers face when trying to institute broad change in an organization.
26Nov '18

Η αξία της καινοτομίας είναι ο ακρογωνιαίος λίθος της δημιουργίας νέων αγορών

Tsagarakis, P.

Panos Tsagarakis discusses the importance of Value Innovation, the cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy, in creating new markets and achieving new growth.
23Nov '18

Can Taiwan Set Course for the ‘Blue Ocean’?

Lu, P.H.
Common Wealth Magazine,Taiwan

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne were recently in Taiwan to appear at the seventh edition of the International Gurus Forum. In this article, Pei-Hua Lu shares her insights from this event.
21Nov '18

What India can learn from Sweden’s recycling revolution


According to experts, the world is heading towards a catastrophic 2 degrees Celsius increase in temperature because of climate change and greenhouse gases. This article suggests that India should get inspiration from the blue ocean opportunity identified by Sweden. Through an inclusive nation-wide recycling strategy, Sweden has transformed the high-cost burden of waste into a profitable venture. By converting its waste into energy, Sweden has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 2.2 million tonnes a year and generates $100 million annually by recycling the waste produced by other countries.
21Nov '18

Value Innovation

Steemit,United States

In this article, the concept of Value Innovation, the cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy, is analysed using the example of Tefal Actifry, a new type of french fry maker that used only one teaspoon of oil to make two pounds of fries, with roughly 40% fewer calories and 80% less fat.
19Nov '18

5 entreprises qui ont créé leur océan bleu

Deneux, M.
Chef d’entreprise,France

Mickaël Deneux reviews five of the winners from the 2018 Blue Ocean Awards, a French competition that rewards companies striving to create blue oceans.
15Nov '18



Moogwi Kim shares his exclusive interview with W. Chan Kim where they discuss nondisruptive creation and millenials.
13Nov '18


Peihua, L.
CommonWealth Magazine,Taiwan

Lu Peihua shares her 5 key points from Professors’ Kim and Mauborgne’s speech during the 2018 International Gurus Forum in Taiwan, where they spoke about shifting from red to blue oceans.
13Nov '18

The Blue Ocean Strategy and Shift Promote a Fresh Look at Innovation


To achieve high growth, organizations need to focus on noncustomers and capturing new markets instead of competing among crowds of challengers, advises W. Chan Kim at the Panasonic’s Cross-Value Innovation Forum 2018 in Tokyo.
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