Taig Mac Carthy

Co-Founder of GIK Blue Wine

Blue Ocean Strategy has sincerely changed my life. And not in the mystic or metaphoric way people usually talk about books helping them: it provided a framework and specific tools that I applied and now I am the owner of a successful company at the age of 25.

And all I did, to be totally sincere here, was applying blue ocean strategy in the most straightforward way possible.

Three years ago, I was pretty lost. I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur because I hated the idea of having a boss. But I did not know what to do and my university wasn’t giving me any answers. Apart from that, I was going through a hard time with personal stuff. So I did a trip by myself to think about where I was going in my life, and I rented some books from the local library to read in the meantime. Among those books, I happened to pick Blue Ocean Strategy, a book I knew nothing about. And so it began.

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