Dean Denny

Dean Denny

Founder of Owen & Edwin

When Dean Denny decided to start his own business he turned to an unlikely source of inspiration, his beloved dog Sassy. He knew that he wanted to create a luxury dog brand, but wasn’t sure how to set his business apart, so he turned to the blue ocean approach.

After coming across Daymond John’s recommendation of Blue Ocean Strategy in an interview, he began to apply the tools to his business concept. He noticed that the majority of his competitors were catering to small dogs, and going for “cuteness over class”. The tools helped him to identify an underserved group of customers, big dog owners.

“We mapped out our competitors on the Strategy Canvas and then went to work on developing how we can eliminate, reduce, raise and create using the ERRC Grid. After reading the book, we were very clear on how we deliver a premium dog brand whilst maintaining low overheads”.

After using the Strategy Canvas and ERRC Grid, and studying the [yellow tail] and Cirque Du Soleil case studies, he decided to concentrate on creating high-end products for big dog owners. The tools helped him realize that Generation Y were about to reach their pet owning years, and that he could reach them cheaply and effectively using social media marketing.

While the resulting company, Owen and Edwin, is just starting out they are building a solid customer base and online presence. And Dean credits their success in part to Blue Ocean Strategy, recommending it to other aspiring entrepreneurs, “Blue Ocean Strategy is hands down the most clear-cut approach to developing a business that does not compete but creates its own market.”

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