01Jan '08

VIRE: Sailing a Blue Ocean with Value-Innovative Requirements

IEEE Software

Theme: Proposing an alternative software development process that is especially relevant for blue ocean strategy. Illustrated by the successful development of software for the Korean National Tax Service.

Summary: This paper proposes a new framework, called Value-Innovative-Requirements Engineering (VIRE) and suggests that, instead of using the typical software development process, such a framework can be employed for designing and developing software related to creating blue ocean strategies. The authors show that VIRE can be useful for developing a new product for creating a blue ocean market; redefining existing customer requirements and eliciting a new market space; and also for combining two or more existing requirements for dramatically increasing customer value. VIRE involves five steps: the first step sets project goals and uses the strategy canvas as a diagnostic tool to analyze the existing system in conjunction with customer surveys to identify customer value factors; the second step involves using extended surveys that include noncustomers in order to identify new factors that were previously ignored; the third step employs a decision matrix to analyze eliminate-reduce-raise-create options for the new project by prioritizing customer requirements and mapping these requirements to system elements; requirements are redefined in the fourth step and validated in the final step. The authors illustrate the robustness of the VIRE framework by describing its application to the development of the information system for the Korean National Tax service, showing that the system created significant value beyond the project’s original demands.

Reference: Kim, Sangsoo, et al. “VIRE: Sailing a Blue Ocean with Value Innovative Requirements.” IEEE Software 25 (Jan-Feb 2008): 80-87.
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