01Dec '09

Editor’s Comments: Creating Blue Oceans of Thought Via Highly Citable Articles

MIS Quarterly

Theme: Employment of blue ocean strategy concepts to explain the acceptance process for publication of scholarly papers in top journals.

Summary: The Editor-in-Chief of Management Information Systems (MIS) Quarterly describes how blue ocean strategy can be used to explain which scholarly papers are accepted for publication in top journals. He argues that one of the major factors determining whether a paper is accepted is whether it explores “intellectual blue oceans.” This editorial sets out to answer two questions. First, is it possible to immediately identify a blue ocean paper? Must it contain Einstein-caliber revolutionary thought or can a less profound intellectual innovation still be categorized a blue ocean? Citing two example papers which have both been accepted for publication, the author describes what constitutes an intellectual blue ocean in information systems literature.

Reference: Straub, Detmar W. “Creating Blue Oceans of Thought via Highly Citable Articles.” MIS Quarterly 33 (December 2009): iii-vii.
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