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Books that inspire, enlighten, and promise to change your life

Over the last year Blue Ocean Strategy written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne was honored to be included on a number of ‘recommended reading’ and bestseller lists from around the globe. Are you looking for a book to read in 2016? Check out some of these lists for inspiring recommendations.

The Top 5 52 Business Books the Fortune 500 CEOs Think You Should Read
HubSpot: 11 Fascinating Books on Harvard Business School’s Required Reading List
Thought Catalog: 42 Books That Will Make You A Better Person, Described In One Sentence
World Economic Forum: 20 Books by the Most Influential Thinkers in Business
Entrepreneur: The 6 Books Shark Tank’s Daymond John Wants You to Read

On Entrepreneurship

8 Books to Read – If You Want to Kick Butt in Business (BSCHOOL)
The Ultimate Reading List: 50+ Books that Entrepreneurs Should Read (Your Story)
10 Books Budding Entrepreneurs Need to Read (Aspiring Mind)
10 Libros Imprescindibles en La Biblioteca De Un Emprendedor [10 Indispensable Books in the Library of an Entrepreneur] ( (In Spanish)

On Innovation

Your Year End Wishlist: 20 Design and Innovation Books (Smart Design)
12 Livres Pour Innover! [12 Books for Innovation!]” (Onopia) (In French)


On Leadership

E-Leaderlounge: 15 Must-Reads for Leaders (Smart Savvy)

On Business General

The Business Book Best Seller List for February 2015 (800 CEO READ)
The 7 Best Business Books of All Time (The Alternative Board)
10 Books That Will Transform How You Think About Growing Your Business (Vennli)
25 Great Business Books To Use Your Gift Cards To Buy(Krypted)
ビジネス本も古典に本質あり!初読も再読もおすすめな王道の名著10選 [Quality, Classic Business Books! Recommendations of 10 Great Books for First Reads and Rereads Also] (Voice Note Magazine) (In Japanese)

On Small Businesses

Recommended Reading for Owners of Small, Medium Businesses (Cove Herald)
Best Branding Books in 2015 for Small Business Owners (DIY Marketers)

On Personal & Professional Development

22 Business Books That Blew My Mind And Changed Me (FinTech Ranking)
Ogechi: 7 Books That Will Change Your Life & The Way You Think Forever (Bella Naija)
8 Livros Inspiradores Para Sua Carreira [8 Inspirational Books for Your Career] (InfoJobs) (In Portuguese)
ИТОГИ ГОДА: 10 ЛУЧШИХ КНИГ ОТ ПРОФЕССИОНАЛОВ [Results of the Year: 10 Best Books of the Professionals] ( (In Russian)

On Sales

15 Must Read Sales Books (Primary Intelligence)

On Marketing & Branding

10 Books Every Marketer Needs to Have in Their Library (HubSpot)
The 25 Best Books On Digital Marketing, PR and Strategy (
10 Most Influential Marketing Books Ever Written (Bookwitty)
Nine Favorite Brand Management & Marketing Books (Branding Strategy Source)
Back to School: Top Marketers Select 16 Books (Siegel + Gale)
20 Business / Marketing Books Every Business Owner Should Read (Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group)
10 كتب يجب أن تقرأهم عن الأعمال والتسويق [Ten Books You Must Read For Business and Marketing] (The Marketing Today) (In Arabic)

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