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Blue Ocean Leadership provides a systematic way to unlock the ocean of unrealized talent and energy in your organization – fast and at low cost

It achieves this while
conserving leaders’
most precious resource:

“There is absolutely no doubt that blue ocean leadership has been an enormous benefit to us. Five years ago we initiated a multipronged operational and market-driven transformation of the Group. Faced with multiple merged organizations we used blue ocean leadership as a key component to creating a common vibrant approach to leadership to rapidly drive change. Leaders got to immediately eliminate and reduce lower value actions giving them the time to focus on re-engaging our people to make a leap in customer care and operational efficiency. It is difficult to remember how tricky things were. The statistics speak for themselves. Our employee engagement scores continue to rise dramatically with leadership scores now at 82%, which is 12% above the high global performance norm, and 84% of our employees now feeling proud to work at Suncorp. We have certainly turned things around here. For me, the relentless focus on removing blockages to people performing is one of the most powerful aspects of blue ocean leadership”.

Patrick Snowball


Suncorp Group

The largest insurance company in Australia and New Zealand

employing over 16,000 people