Blue Ocean Leadership was created by world-renowned professors Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. The same way that blue ocean strategy can create uncontested market space, blue ocean leadership can unleash the ocean of untapped talent and employee potential in organizations.

Unlike most research in the field of leadership that has largely drawn on psychology and cognitive science, blue ocean leadership developed by Kim and Mauborgne looks to the field of strategy to inform the practice of leadership in business.

Blue Ocean Leadership Harvard Business Review May 2014

Blue Ocean Leadership provides a systematic way to unlock unrealized talent and energy in your organization – FAST AND AT LOW COST


It achieves this while CONSERVING leaders’
most precious resource – TIME

The Blue Ocean Leadership Opportunity

How large is the ocean of
Disengaged Employees?



In a study of 25,000 executives and employees it was found that:

  • A mere 30% of US employees are engaged, committed to doing a good job
  • 50% of employees merely put their time in
  • And 20% are counterproductive, negatively influencing coworkers, missing days
    at work and driving customers away through poor service

The 20% of counterproductive employees alone cost the USA economy about half a trillion a year.

What’s the cost of disengaged people in your organization? Estimate that below…

The Cost of Disengaged Employees

Estimate the Cost of

Disengaged Employees

in Your Organization


This provides a rough estimate of the minimum annual benefit you can achieve by creating a step change in your leadership strength by applying blue ocean leadership in your organization.


Estimate cost of disengagement

Blue Ocean Leadership and You

Blue Ocean Leadership applies to all organizations which have an ocean of disengaged employees and need a step change in leadership strength.

Specifically, Blue Ocean Leadership applies to:

  • Corporations
  • Non-profits
  • Governments
  • And across small, medium and large size organizations


You don’t have to wait for your organization to start a blue ocean leadership initiative. You can start in your own unit with the people you lead.

The Theory of Blue Ocean Leadership

The insight for blue ocean leadership is that leadership, in essence, can be thought of as a service that people in an organization either ‘buy’ or ‘don’t buy’.



More about Blue Ocean Leadership


Key Differences from Conventional Leadership Approaches

Putting Blue Ocean Leadership into Action

Blue ocean leadership involves a four step process that allows leaders to gain a clear understanding of just what changes it would take to bring out the best in their people, while conserving their most precious resource: TIME


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Case in Point

A British Retail Group (BRG) applied Blue Ocean Leadership to redefine what effectiveness meant for frontline, midlevel and senior leaders.

By getting everyone involved in redefining what leaders should be doing the results were rapid and significant. In the space of the first year in the frontline alone:


  • Employee turnover of its 10,000 plus frontline employees dropped from about 40% to 11%
  • Recruitment and training costs reduced by 50%
  • Customer satisfaction rose by over 30%
  • And the group saved more than $50 million


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