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Creating a Blue Ocean in the B2B Space

Author(s): KIM, W. Chan, MAUBORGNE, Renée, JI, Mi, LEE, Jee-Eun

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The case describes a series of blue ocean strategic moves made by Salesforce.com in the CRM application market. In particular, the case addresses the concern of business executives over the applicability of blue ocean strategy in the B2B area. B2B managers often find that they are locked into providing products of certain types and specifications to their immediate customers. But in fact, value innovation can take place on the three platforms of a business offering, i.e., product, service and delivery. Salesforce.com’s strategic moves provide an exemplary demonstration of how a company can effectively create and renew its blue ocean in the B2B field by value innovating its single business on the product, service and delivery platforms alternately. The case is accompanied by a comprehensive teaching note that analyzes and explains the key strategic moves of Salesforce.com using major blue ocean strategy frameworks and tools.

The case and teaching note are also available in Chinese.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To introduce participants to an effective approach to creating blue oceans with B2B offerings
  • To review major¬†frameworks and tools of blue ocean strategy¬†in the course of analyzing a series of real-world strategic moves
  • To demonstrate how a blue ocean can be sustained and renewed through value innovating on the three platforms of product, service, and delivery

Case Study

English: HBSP | Case Centre | INSEAD

Chinese: Case Centre | INSEAD

Teaching Note


Lecture Slides

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