Nondisruptive creation is the creation of a brand-new market outside or beyond existing industry boundaries.

Nondisruptive creation is a path to new industries, new jobs, and profitable growth but without the pain of shuttered companies, hurt communities, or lost jobs that come with disruption. It’s a path beyond disruption, where business and society can thrive together.

Nondisruptive creation is an alternative path to innovation and growth.

Nondisruptive Creation is a Distinctive Innovation Concept for Growth

Innovation driven by disruption generates a new market and growth, but often with terrible social costs: the destruction of existing companies and jobs and damage to communities.

Most innovators have taken for granted that the surest path to growth is creating a new market by destroying the existing one. That overlooks an alternative approach to innovation that doesn’t disrupt the existing industry.

Nondisruptive creation occurs outside the boundaries of existing industries, giving rise to markets where none existed before. Thus it fosters economic growth without incurring social costs, enabling business and society to thrive together.

Unlike disruption, which generates winners and losers, nondisruptive creation is positive-sum. Companies innovate and grow in a way where all can win, without the economic and social costs of disruption.

Three Distinctive Characteristics of Nondisruptive Creation

While it can occur with new inventive technology, it also occurs with a new combination or application of existing technology. It is not about a scientific invention or technological innovation per se.
It can be but doesn’t have to be a new-to-the-world innovation. As an offering that already exists in one area can be brand new when it is offered in other areas, it often is a new-to-the-area innovation that creates a brand-new market in an area
It’s applicable to any geographical market of the world, whether a developed or bottom-of-the-pyramid market. Its application is not limited to any specific area or level of socioeconomic standing.
“The wide applicability of nondisruptive creation makes it so relevant to all of us. “


Discover how Chan Kim and RenĂ©e Mauborgne’s research in blue ocean led them to discover the missing half of innovation beyond disruption.

The Economic and Social Impact of Nondisruptive Creation

Produces a win-lose outcome.
Winners: the disruptor and consumers.
Losers: disrupted organizations and their employees.
Incurs social adjustment costs due to shuttered organizations, lost jobs and hurt communities.
Yeilds disruptive growth where the growth comes with social pain. But the net gain in economic growth over time is positive.
Produces a positive-sum outcome.
Winners: the nondisruptive creator and consumers.
Losers no evident loser.
Incurs no evident social adjustment cost as there is no displacement.
Yields nondisruptive growth where growth comes without social pain . The gain in economic growth and employment is positive from the start.

Nondisruptive creation is not superior to disruption.

It is its complement.

How to Realize Nondisruptive Creation

The three building blocks for realizing nondisruptive creation

The third building block:Realise the opportunity

Secure the enablers needed to realize the opportunity in a high-value, low-cost way.

The second building block: Find a way to unlock the opportunity

Challenge the existing assumptions that have concealed the opportunity and reframe them to discover a way to unlock it.

The first building block: Identify a nondisruptive opportunity

Identify a brand-new problem or opportunity that you would like to pursue.

“Nondisruptive creation has clear benefits to both societies and organizations yet has long been overshadowed by the corporate world and media’s obsession with disruption.”

— Chan Kim & RenĂ©e Mauborgne

Innovate Without Disruption: ‘Beyond Disruption’ Introduces Nondisruptive Creation

In their new book, Beyond Disruption: Innovate and Achieve Growth without Displacing Industries, Companies, or Jobs, Chan Kim & RenĂ©e Mauborgne define the term ’nondisruptive creation’, explain why it matters, and how to realize it.

In Beyond Disruption, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify a nondisruptive opportunity, assess its market potential, and frame it in a way that makes it attainable.
  • How to find a way to unlock the opportunity and learn to uncover and overturn the assumptions that have blocked it, draw the business implications of those assumptions, and challenge and reframe them to architect a solution.
  • How to realize the nondisruptive opportunity and identify the three enablers of nondisruptive creation and how you can creatively leverage them to capture the opportunity in a high-impact, low-cost way.


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Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

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Read the Book

A new approach to innovation where business and society thrive together

1. Nondisruptive Creation

What It Is and Why It Matters

1. Innovation and Growth without Disruption
2. The Economic and Social Impact of Nondisruptive Creation
3. The Four Sources of Business Advantage
4. The Rising Importance of Nondisruptive Creation
5. The Three Paths to Market-Creating Innovation and Growth

2. How to Realize Nondisruptive Creation

6. Lead with the Right Perspectives
7. Identify a Nondisruptive Opportunity
8. Find a Way to Unlock the Opportunity
9. Realize the Opportunity
10. Build a Better World Together

“Nondisruptive creation is a pathbreaking new concept that shows leaders and innovators how business can be a force for good. This book will become a business classic.

—Jake Cohen, Senior Associate Dean at the MIT Sloan School of Management