Blue Ocean Hackathon

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Blue Ocean Hackathon: Market Creation in a Highly Competitive Industry

Author(s): KIM, W. Chan, MAUBORGNE, Renée, KOO, Oh Young


This highly popular exercise allows participants to actually apply the concept, frameworks, and process of blue ocean shift to one of the most competitive industries – the travel industry. Using worksheets, participants will take a step-by-step approach to systematically shift their strategic logic from competing to creating and apply the processes and tools of blue ocean shift to the travel industry. The case includes a real-life example of a successful blue ocean shift in the travel industry and is accompanied by a firsthand video interview with Dong Gun Lee, CEO of My Real Trip, a Korean company that challenged the travel industry’s long existing assumptions to open new market space.

Case Study
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Firsthand video interview with Dong Gun Lee, CEO of My Real Trip
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Blue ocean pedagogical materials, used in over 2,800 universities and in almost every country in the world, go beyond the standard case-based method. Our multimedia cases and interactive exercises are designed to help you build a deeper​ understanding of key blue ocean strategy concepts, developed by world-renowned professors Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.
Materials available from Harvard Business Publishing
Blue Ocean Shift | Strategy materials available from The Case Centre
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