Blue Ocean Consulting™ helps you re-imagine possibilities and empowers you to drive innovation through creative problem-solving. Develop new business initiatives within your company and create a blueprint for new growth opportunities.

Blue Ocean Consulting™ is an onsite and online consulting service that will take your team through the blue ocean strategy and blue ocean shift process towards creating new markets and making your competition irrelevant.

Blue Ocean Consulting™ is a strategy-driven and solution-focused consulting service and whether you are an SME or a large and established corporation, it will help you move your business from competing for market share to creating your new demand and opportunities for growth.

Blue Ocean Consulting™ and Blue Ocean Advisory™ services are custom-built to meet your unique needs, and our dedicated team of experienced blue ocean experts will put your business on a sustained growth trajectory.

Our consultants are world-class blue ocean practitioners with more than 20 years of industry experience in executing blue ocean strategy across countries and industries. Our team of blue ocean experts will help equip your team with a set of market-creating tools and skills to drive innovation, create new growth, and transform your business.


Transform your burning problems into unprecedented new value.

Our experts will work with you to identify, interpret, and seize the most exciting new opportunities both inside and outside of your industry to put your organization on an exponential growth path.


Build an innovative culture that lies at the heart of everything you do.

We’ll partner with you to build and cultivate an innovation practice to increase your resilience to disruption, while at the same time connecting you to a global ecosystem of resources.


Gain the creative capabilities required to solve problems in a novel way.
Our team of experts will work with you to create a training solution that best suits your needs. We’ll design it to equip your team with the understanding and skills required to think creatively and drive innovative solutions.

“The Blue Ocean Consulting™ workshop completely transformed our business model and the way we perceived our business to be. Instead of benchmarking our competitors, our team was pushed to change our perspectives – we now know that we do in fact have the capability to create our own market space!”


Chris Eigeland (GO1, Brisbane, Australia)
GO1 is a unicorn company, cracking $1B valuation in 2021

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