These are the Winners of France’s Blue Ocean Awards 2017

Posted by: The Blue Ocean team

400 submissions, 18 finalists, nine winners – France’s Blue Ocean Awards took place on 15 December at the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance, just a week after the release of Blue Ocean Shift in French.

Four years ago France’s Blue Ocean Awards were created to recognize the most innovative and ambitious French entrepreneurs that have successfully applied a blue ocean approach. 91% of former Blue Ocean Award winners are successful companies today. After an initial focus on blue ocean SMEs, the Awards have expanded to recognizing blue ocean companies of all sizes from large corporations to startups, in all sectors and industries.

Group SEB’s Actifry –  One of the examples of the blue ocean approach in action featured in Blue Ocean Shift, French Group SEB created brand new market space in the competitive market for conventional French fry makers, by creating a French fry maker that operates without the hassle of heating large quantities of oil. The Actifry makes healthier French fries with only one table spoon of oil for two pounds of French fries.

VeraCash – A peer-to-peer tradable currency, backed by physical gold and silver. A currency that can be used everywhere in the world as an innovative means of payment, by individuals and professionals, without any fees or exchange costs. – A corporate catering service that only works with local artisans to promote regional produce and specialities.

Alertgasoil – A fuel level monitoring tool that helps companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs by decreasing fuel consumption.

MIP Robotics with Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance Delphine Gény-Stephann at the Blue Ocean Awards.

Mip-Robotics – This company is making industrial robotics more accessible to companies, providing robots that assist operators in their daily tasks.

Predictice – A tool for legal professionals to optimize their legal strategy through algorithms.

Epopia – An interactive postal correspondence game to make reading and writing more fun for children.

Financement Participatif France A French syndicate of companies offering crowdfunding solutions (Wiseed, Kiss-kiss bank bank, Ulule, Unilend, etc.) for having developed the crowdfunding scene and equity crowdfunding in France.

RestauDrive – Aimed at the 15 million French people that live in remote areas outside cities and suburbs, with no or little access to restaurants, RestauDrive makes it possible for people to use their smartphones to order meals that are delivered to their homes by car.

The winners of the 4th Blue Ocean Awards show us that companies can create blue oceans of new growth even in a challenging economic climate. As for the future, the Blue Ocean Awards is looking to expand to the rest of Europe!

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