The Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition Reaches New Highs!

Posted by the Blue Ocean Team

The Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition Reaches New Highs!


Wow! We are super excited to announce that the Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition, which was inspired by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy, has become the largest and most prestigious virtual high school entrepreneurship competition in the world!

The 2019-2020 competition has over 750 high school students participating, coming from 100+ schools and 25 US States ranging from New York to California, Florida to Arizona, Maine and Indiana. But beyond the US, 12 other countries, including Denmark, Kenya, Russia and Korea, have now submitted their pitches and are waiting for the jury to announce the winners.

The 5-minute videos where students pitch their ideas are amazing.
You can watch them here.

Because the competition not only aims to create businesses that do economic good but also wants to inspire students to build businesses that do social good, a special Social Prize has been added this year at the request of high school students themselves.

Beyond this, there are prizes for the top three pitches, the People’s Choice prize for the pitch that receives the most likes on YouTube and two school prize categories: the top 5 schools who bring in the most submissions, and one special prize for the school that has the most students or teams that make the Top 25 pitches.

This year, more than 5 high schools have 15 or more students participating from their schools, building the competition into their curriculums.

We are very proud of all the participating students. In our opinion, they are all winners because they have taken the initiative and put in the work to get their innovative ideas heard.

Super congratulations to Ted Dacko, the Executive Director of the Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition, who has actually been applying blue ocean concepts as he creates and leads this incredible competition.

Now people are waiting… Who will be the winners? Stay tuned and get the answer on April 15, 2020!

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