The Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition Continues to Uncover Extraordinary Business Talent

Posted by the Blue Ocean Team

Empowering the Young Generation of World Leaders with Creativity

The Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition

The Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition has become the largest virtual high school business competition in the world.

The 2020/2021 edition of the competition has reached a tipping point with students registering from 45 countries and 35 states in the US.

Participants come from all corners of the globe, from Ireland to Uganda, Italy, Egypt, Myanmar, Japan, and Australia, with students representing the six continents, making the competition truly global.

Notably, 139 of the US News and World Report Top 250 STEM high schools in the US have participated in the competition making it highly prestigious.

The competition gives high school students the chance to present their innovative business ideas, hone their pitching skills, earn cash prizes, and build resumes that stand out from the crowd when applying for college. Most of all they learn how to create businesses that stand out from the competition, creating blue oceans of new market space.

This year more than 1000 students registered for the competition and all blue ocean pitches will be judged by a panel of distinguished judges comprised of professors, businesspeople, serial entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

The Competition’s Vision for the Future

Ted Dacko, the Executive Director for the Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition for the last 3 years has a goal to bring the competition to every high school in America and to every country in the world, offering smart, innovative young people the opportunity and incentive to create business ideas that can change the world.

The Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition was started in 2014 by Nicholas Benavides, a high school student in Maryland, before going on to Stanford University.

The popularity of the student-run competition saw it grow leaps and bounds such that the students turned it into a formal nonprofit, bringing on board professional leadership.

The TOP 100 pitches were just announced!

Watch the amazing blue ocean ideas here:

Watch this space for news of the winners of 2020/2021 edition of Blue Ocean High School Pitch Competition



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