Visualizing Strategy

At the center of blue ocean strategy formulation is a structured four-step process created by Kim & Mauborgne that involves visual exploration to unlock people’s creativity for pushing a company’s strategy towards a blue ocean. The four major steps for visualizing strategy are:

Visual Awakening Visual Exploration Visual Strategy Fair Visual Communication
Compare your business with your competitors’ by drawing your “as is” strategy canvas. See where your strategy canvas needs to change. Go into the field to explore the six paths to creating blue oceans. Observe the distinctive advantages of alternative products and services. See which factors you should eliminate, reduce raise, create, or change. Draw your “to be” strategy canvas based on insights from field observations. Get feedback on alternative strategy canvases from customers, competitors’ customers, and noncustomers. Use feedback to build the best “to be” future strategy. Distribute your before-and-after strategic profiles on one page for easy comparison. Support only those projects and operational moves that allow your company to close the gaps to actualize the new strategy.

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Visualizing strategy can also greatly inform the dialogue among individual business units and the corporate center in transforming a company from a red ocean to a blue ocean player. When business units present their strategy canvases to one another, they deepen their understanding of the other businesses in the corporate portfolio. Moreover, the process also fosters the transfer of strategic best practices across units.

Blue Ocean Strategy & Shift Tools

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne created a comprehensive set of analytic tools and frameworks to create blue oceans of new market space. In their New York Times bestselling book, Blue Ocean Shift (September 2017), Kim and Mauborgne share how to put these practical market-creating tools into practice to move from red to blue oceans and to do so in a way that people own and drive the process.

Brimming with battle-tested lessons and the stories of organizations from around the world that put their ideas into practice, Kim and Mauborgne highlight what works, what doesn’t, the potential pitfalls along the way and how to avoid them to achieve the best results in your organization. Get your copy of Blue Ocean Shift now, and get all these answers plus so much more including exercise templates you can use to apply the tools in your organization. Learn, apply and execute successful blue ocean shifts using the fully interactive and guided Blue Ocean Studio.

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Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean StrategyRed Ocean vs. Blue Ocean Strategy
Value InnovationValue Innovation
Strategy CanvasStrategy Canvas
Four Actions FrameworkFour Actions Framework
Six Paths FrameworkSix Paths Framework
Pioneer Migrator Settler MapPioneer Migrator Settler Map
Three Tiers of NoncustomersThree Tiers of Noncustomers
Sequence of Creating a Blue OceanSequence of Creating a Blue Ocean
Buyer Utility MapBuyer Utility Map
Price Corridor of the MassPrice Corridor of the Mass
Four Hurdles to Strategy ExecutionFour Hurdles to Strategy Execution
Tipping Point LeadershipTipping Point Leadership
Fair ProcessFair Process

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