Christina Kashar

Christina Kashar

Coach and 1st Motivational Speaker in Syria

Since I was young, I wanted to be someone who can effectively influence people’s mindsets to be better participants in social and business development in Syria. Syrians are socially intelligent, caring and eager to develop their businesses. So I followed my passion and became an executive & capacity building coach. My mission statement: “To be the Difference Maker in the business and personal lives of enough people to make an effective change in Syria”.

Blue Ocean Strategy is not for sale in Syria. But when one of our business gurus brought back a copy from Dubai, he was willing to lend it to me. I started applying blue ocean strategy in many areas in my coaching and training business, and now I consider myself a ‘blue ocean coach’.

I’m genuinely eternally grateful to Blue Ocean Strategy. It affected my business in a tremendous way and moved it to another level where no one can compete with me. As an independent coach, I established a “Boutique Business Model”. I set myself apart from the competition by having a clear focus and by being mindful of what services I have to offer before, during and after training. Blue Ocean Strategy and Leadership even became a successful part of my training curriculum!

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