Blue Ocean Strategy in Practice

Over the last decade, the theory of Blue Ocean Strategy has been increasingly embraced by organizations and industries across the globe, who are being challenged to shift focus from competing in existing market spaces to creating new uncontested ones.
Blue Ocean Strategy is not just a call-to-action; it provides a set of frameworks to systematically make the competition irrelevant.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Network

Blue Ocean Strategy Network

The Blue Ocean Strategy Network (BOSN), created by Kim and Mauborgne, is a global community of practitioners who work with corporations, national governments, and non-profits in the pursuit of creating blue oceans. They help organizations explore blue ocean opportunities and new business ideas to create new demand and achieve strong profitable growth through value innovation. Engagements include keynote speeches, client consulting projects, workshops, and training programs on BOS formulation and execution including tipping point leadership and fair process.

How Blue Is Your Ocean?

Blue Ocean Strategy For National Development

Transforming the public sector on the local, state, and national level with high-impact, low-cost initiatives that cut across ministries, agencies, NGOs and municipalities.

Blue Ocean Strategy for National Development

Explore how blue ocean strategy has been applied across regions:

Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs

Blue Ocean Strategy in Practice

OECD Average
SME Share of Businesses

OECD Average
SME Contribution to Employment

OECD Average
SME Contribution to GDP

Entrepreneurship is fabled to be a black box – a random act resulting from some combination of genius, luck, or trial and error. What if entrepreneurship can be cultivated through creative education and failure minimized through the use of proven methodologies and frameworks? The good news is that blue ocean strategy provides a systematic way to help entrepreneurs succeed using blue ocean strategy tools and frameworks.


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In Practice

Global Institutes

INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Fontainebleau, France
The INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (IBOSI) in Fontainebleau, France,
is the academic hub of the blue ocean strategy global community.

Through our regional centers, corporations, associations, governments and academic institutions around the world have become part of the blue ocean strategy global community of practice.