Blue Ocean Strategy in Malaysia’s Development

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The Eleventh Malaysia Plan, 2016-2020, the five-year strategic development plan, lays out the strategies in Malaysia’s final leg in the journey towards becoming an advanced nation by 2020. The Eleventh Malaysia Plan used Blue Ocean Strategy tools and frameworks to formulate high-impact, low-cost national strategies that are able to be rapidly executed.

One key Blue Ocean Strategy tool used in the formulation and communication of the Eleventh Malaysia Plan was the strategy canvas. The strategy canvas was used as a diagnostic and action framework to formulate compelling strategies for Malaysia’s national development, including for the ‘game changers’ in the Eleventh Malaysia Plan, which cover areas with the potential to fundamentally change the trajectory of Malaysia’s growth.

The Eleventh Malaysia Plan features numerous creative National Blue Ocean Strategy initiatives, which have been developed over the years and now will be expanded through the Eleventh Malaysia Plan.

Select Strategy Canvases in the Eleventh Malaysia Plan

Productivity and innovation will be important pillars of the Eleventh Plan. See the strategy canvases below to learn how to unlock the potential of productivity and how to translate innovation to wealth.