Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs

Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around the world account for 95% of all businesses and 77% of employment on average, yet their contribution to GDP is a mere 54%. Clearly something is amiss.

Part of the problem here is the high failure rate associated with startups. Entrepreneurship is fabled to be a black box – a random act resulting from some combination of genius, luck, or trial and error. What if creativity could be cultivated systematically and failure associated with entrepreneurship minimized through the use of proven methodologies and frameworks? How can we create a more systematic way to help entrepreneurs succeed? Blue ocean strategy tools and frameworks provide a compelling path to achieve just that.

The conversation has begun.

Here we explore how entrepreneurs around the globe are using blue ocean strategy to break out of the red ocean and achieve strong results. So what are you waiting for? Read on and get inspired!

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27Feb '18

Iguama, una startup viento en popa

Win Entrepreneur Magazine

In this interview, Diego Fernandez, CEO of Iguama - an e-commerce cross-border shopping club where Latin Americans buy top quality U.S. brands at affordable prices – explains that he started his company thanks to the application of Blue Ocean Strategy and talks about the successes and failures he went through.
13Feb '18

Quickly Growing a Firm

Moore, H

Sten J. Morgan was only 25 years old when he quit his job at Raymond James to start his own financial planning firm in a new town where he knew almost nobody. Five years later, Legacy Investment Planning, his financial planning firm, manages roughly $120 million in client assets. Discover how Blue Ocean Strategy has inspired him.
10Sep '17

Innovation And Blue Ocean Strategy

Haasnoot, R.

Richard Haasnoot, a marketing consultant and podcaster from Arizona, says that “blue ocean strategy is one of the best-selling innovation books of all time. It gives some of the most proven and practical innovation advice – especially when it comes to developing those really big ideas with much greater chances for long-term success.” This episode provides an overview of some key points from the book with examples from the auto, consumer good, food and beverage and other industries, that can “help virtually any innovation program”.
09Sep '17

Summary Of Blue Ocean Strategy

Au, Aphithorn

The video summary of Blue Ocean Strategy explains the key concepts of the book and the main tools that help create a blue ocean.
09Sep '17

Sharks And Getting More Illustration Clients

Wilson, C.
Chris Wilson Blog

Chris Wilson, an illustrator and entrepreneur, argues that illustrators have to find their own blue oceans to secure high-paying new clients. He gives Cirque du Soleil as an example of a successful creative company that didn’t try to beat competition, but created its own, uncontested market space.
30Apr '17

‘DLD Talk’ Launched To Improve Operations And Efficiency

Dot Emirates

Dubai Land Department (DLD) recently launched a new specialized reading and strategic innovative thinking initiative under the title ‘DLD Talk’ that comes in line with the department’s ongoing efforts to develop its employees and motivate them to improve their operations and customer services. In the second phase, blue ocean strategy workshops for the sector and department managers will be organized to help them explore a new vision for leadership and innovation.
26Apr '17

Is DSI Drifting Into A Red Ocean?

Charles, F.

Frédéric Charles, the director of Digital Strategy & Innovation at SUEZ Smart Solutions, argues that if DSI, a global high-tech group active in the construction market, was to stay profitable it must implement a blue ocean strategy.
21Apr '17

Nine Books That Will Inspire Every Entrepreneur

Cabelllo, C. R.
Sage Experience

Blue Ocean Strategy named as one of the “classics that every entrepreneur should read before embarking on the adventure” by the author of the article, Carlos Roberto Cabelllo.
19Apr '17

Break Free From Your Competition

Giacomassi, R.

Interested to know the six basic approaches to implementing blue ocean strategy? The article gives a short summary of each approach.