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Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs

Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around the world account for 95% of all businesses and 77% of employment on average, yet their contribution to GDP is a mere 54%. Clearly something is amiss.

Part of the problem here is the high failure rate associated with startups. Entrepreneurship is fabled to be a black box – a random act resulting from some combination of genius, luck, or trial and error. What if creativity could be cultivated systematically and failure associated with entrepreneurship minimized through the use of proven methodologies and frameworks? How can we create a more systematic way to help entrepreneurs succeed? Blue ocean strategy tools and frameworks provide a compelling path to achieve just that.

The conversation has begun.

Here we explore how entrepreneurs around the globe are using blue ocean strategy to break out of the red ocean and achieve strong results. So what are you waiting for? Read on and get inspired!

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12Nov '16

블루오션 전략, 그 후… 이론 창시자 김위찬·르네 마보안 스마트폰 기능 더하는 대신… 스마트폰 한번도 써보지 않은 고객 잡아라 [Looking For A Market Without Competition Once More]

Weekly Biz

An interview with Professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne looks at why 11 years on, blue ocean strategy is still valid and relevant.
06Nov '16

How Five Quebec Companies Successfully Used A Blue Ocean Strategy To Redefine Their Market

Bélanger, K.

Five Canadian companies that implemented the Four Actions Framework and created their blue oceans.
14Sep '16

5 Extraordinary Books for Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

The Nigerian Voice

The business intelligence team at Jumia Market, Nigeria’s largest online marketplace, have listed Blue Ocean Strategy as the top book that entrepreneurs should read. They write, “reading this book will help you grow new thoughts and ideas which will in turn ensure the success of your business.”
01Sep '16

5 действенных способов проверить бизнес-идею на прочность [5 Effective Ways to Test the Strength of a Business Idea]

Startup Ukraine

Blue Ocean Strategy is named by entrepreneurship incubator Startup Ukraine as a book for entrepreneurs to read.
01Sep '16

10 Reasons Why (Some) Entrepreneurs Underperform

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Lawyer, entrepreneur and author Jim Randel recently encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to think about new opportunities and considering whether to strive for red or blue oceans. He suggests startup owners pick up a copy of Blue Ocean Strategy to learn more. Entrepreneurs’ Organization a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 12,000 business owners with 160 chapters in 50 countries.
01Sep '16

Madame B: Chronique De Bibliothèque / Entreprendre Autrement : Quelques Lectures [Mrs. B: Chronic Library / Business Differently: Some Readings]

Rumeur du Loup

Blue Ocean Strategy is a suggested inspiring read for current or would-be entrepreneurs by Rumeur du Loup, a magazine committed to promoting cultural and artistic life of the KRTB region in Quebec.
05Aug '16

Agrihack West Africa 2016 Participants Inspired at Bootcamp

ND Link

At the the week-long 2016 Youth-Enabled Fish Farming AgriHack West Africa (YEFFA), participants had the opportunity to learn about blue ocean strategy during a bootcamp. YEFFA is an initiative which aims to support ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture by youth up to 35 years old.
03Aug '16

Claves | 10 Consejos Para Ganar Tu Primer Millón [Keys| 10 Tips to Win Your First Million]

+Sumando Negocios

A blog on entrepreneurship advises that in order to get closer to making their first million, there are some insightful books that entrepreneurs should read, including Blue Ocean Strategy.
02Aug '16

7 Lectures pour Entrepreneur [7 Readings for Entrepreneurs]

Andre, P.

“A must for all entrepreneurs, as this book opens your eyes to value creation through blue oceans research methodology,” says Pierre Andre, COO at QuelleEnergie, consulting internet service in energy savings, about Blue Ocean Strategy. Mr. Andre cites the books as essential reading for entrepreneurs.