blue ocean strategy

Complete List of Pedagogical Material

A complete set of next generation pedagogical materials on blue ocean strategy is now available. A professor can use these materials to teach blue ocean strategy in the MBA and executive classrooms, workshops, and in the company setting. The materials range from blue ocean strategy theory-based video cases, simulations, interactive scenario cases to flash games. All come with short paper cases and complete teaching notes. These materials, which cover a wide range of industries, are exciting, highly visual, and allow students and executives to see and feel the reality companies are up against, leading to a richer understanding of the dynamics of a strategic setting, and a more memorable and engaging learning experience.

Below is a complete list of all blue ocean strategy teaching materials covering both implementation and formulation. Please click here to download a pdf document containing a comprehensive list of materials, reference numbers, associated teaching notes and accompanying materials.

Complete List

Case: Crafting Winning Strategies in a Mature Market: The U.S. Wine Industry in 2001

Case: The Evolution of the Circus Industry Case A

Case: Even a Clown Can Do It: Cirque du Soleil Recreates Live Entertainment Case B

Case: How a US Consumer Products Company Unlocked the Three Tiers of Noncustomers

Case: Lessons From Breakthrough Strategic Moves Over the Last Century

Case: NTT DoCoMo I-Mode(TM): Value Innovation at DoCoMo

Case: How to Implement Blue Ocean Strategy

Case: Leading the City of Los Rios into a Blue Ocean

Case: Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Scenario Case: Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process in Action

Case: Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Self-Diagnostic: Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process in Action

PPT Presentation: Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Lecture on Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process in Action.

PPT Presentation: Session 1 - From a structuralist to a reconstructionist view of strategy

PPT Presentation: Session 2 - Paths to creating new market space

PPT Presentation: Session 3 - Noncustomers: reach beyond existing demand

PPT Presentation: Session 4 - Building profitable business models for value innovation

PPT Presentation: Session 5 - The strategic patterns behind the creation of new market spaces