blue ocean strategy

BOS Partner Materials: BOSS

Practice and test Blue Ocean Strategy with the Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation, designed and developed by simulation leader StratX based on the Blue Ocean Strategy theory by Kim and Mauborgne.

StratX’ Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation enables your course participants to experience Blue Ocean Strategy by applying its theory, methodologies and tools. As an outcome, your course participants will understand what it takes to switch from a Red Ocean to a Blue Ocean strategic mindset.

During a BOSS-based course or teaching module, students work in teams to manage a fictitious consumer electronics company for up to six years. The simulation framework allows them to break away from the competition and create a blue ocean of new market space for their virtual company. A simulation embedded case study provides the Visual Exploration of the market, using the Six Paths Framework to reconstruct market boundaries. Based on a rigorous analysis of the case, teams must develop their Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) offerings using BOS tools such as: strategy canvas, value curve, four action framework, ERRC grid, etc. Throughout the simulation, participants are required to invest in both the Red Ocean components of their portfolio and the Blue Ocean ventures. Students, grouped in teams of 3 to 5, compete against computer controlled firms and can see the outcome of their decisions in real time. That kind of direct feedback is vital for novice Blue Ocean strategists.

StratX’ Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation can be used at the undergraduate, MBA or executive education level.

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