blue ocean strategy

Lecture Slides on Blue Ocean Strategy Formulation

Here we offer professors access to five distinct lecture slide presentations. These cover the various aspects of blue ocean strategy formulation and were created for use with the Teaching Module: How Strategy Shapes Structure.

  • Session 1 - From a structuralist to a reconstructionist view of strategy
    Presentation for a one-hour lecture to complement session 1. This presentation reviews the video case 'Crafting Winning Strategies in a Mature Market: The U.S. Wine Industry in 2001'. Industry conditions are presented using a competitive strategy framework. This is followed by an illustration of Yellow Tail’s blue ocean strategic move showing the divergence from a conventional strategic approach. The presentation illustrates the logic of value innovation, compares the strategic approaches of structuralism and reconstructionism, and introduces the concept of strategy alignment.

  • Session 2 - Paths to creating new market space
    Presentation for a one-hour lecture to complement session 2. The presentation reviews the video case of Cirque du Soleil and illustrates Cirque du Soleil’s blue ocean strategic move to create new market space. The key BOS concepts and tools covered are noncustomers, the four actions framework, ERRC grid and the six paths framework.

  • Session 3 - Noncustomers: reach beyond existing demand
    Presentation for a one-hour lecture. The presentation reviews the history of the shaving industry and explains how Gillette made a blue ocean strategic move to re-create this industry by looking at the three tiers of noncustomers. The presentation elaborates on the concept of noncustomers and explains how noncustomer analysis helped Gillette unlock these three tiers of noncustomers.

  • Session 4 - Building profitable business models for value innovation
    A short presentation to complement session 4, 'Building powerful business models for value innovation'. The presentation lays out the sequence of a blue ocean strategy, illustrates the concepts of buyer utility, strategic pricing, target costing and adoption. Also introduced are the price corridor of the mass and the blue ocean idea index.

  • Session 5 - The strategic patterns behind the creation of new market spaces
    A short presentation to complement session 5 and the video case 'Lessons From Breakthrough Strategic Moves Over the Last Century'. The presentation briefly summarizes the questions and key learning points covered by the video case, followed by a clarification of the most common misconceptions about blue ocean strategy.

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