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Press Resources

Here is a selection of materials created to help media and event organizers better understand and communicate about the concepts of blue ocean strategy. Please note that the copyright of these resources belongs to the authors and that they should not be used for any purpose other than press or event organization. Please also note that these materials cannot be made available for download on any other websites.

Photos of the Authors

BOS One-Page Presentation

This is a one-page presentation covering the basics of Blue Ocean Strategy.

BOS tri-fold brochure

To use this resource, print recto-verso and fold into three parts.

BOS Powerpoint Presentation

This presentation contains an overview of the main concepts of Blue Ocean Strategy.

BOS Summary

A short summary of the book Blue Ocean Strategy.

Create a Blue Ocean Strategy in 4 steps

Here are the 4 steps that any company can take to get out of the red ocean of competition.

Red Ocean—Blue Ocean conceptual distinction

Question and Answer with Blue Ocean Strategy authors

English edition book jacket cover



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