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Dear BOS Community,

Happy New Year!

The turn of a new year is a time not only to reflect on the past year, but also to strategize about the year ahead. While resolutions come easily, despite earnest determination, follow through is harder and targets can fall by the wayside before February. Our lofty goals can be easily broken.

We tell ourselves that with enough passion, enthusiasm, and focus anything can happen – that change is truly possible at any stage of our careers and lives. But is attitude enough? What if we take a more systematic approach to our 2013 visions?

We would like to start off 2013 with a call to create personal blue oceans and are pleased to send you our newsletter, Global Current, with the latest news and selected developments related precisely to this topic. This month’s “Zoom-in” section focuses on how blue ocean strategy inspired personal change and transformed the lives of individuals.

Apple’s "Think Different" campaign proclaims, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” We wish for you to create a positive difference in your life in this new year ahead. That is, be bold but also systematic as you embark on creating your own blue oceans.

Blue Oceans Ahead!

The BOS Team


"Stop doing what your
competitors are doing. Look,
learn, then ZAG when they ZIG"

Matt Antonino
Owner & SEO Consultant
High on SEO
Startup branding and PR, SavvySME


Framework Conditions Do Not Create Blue Oceans –
An interview with Professor Renée Mauborgne. Professor Mauborgne talks about the beginnings of Blue Ocean Strategy, innovation and what it takes for the strategy to succeed.
VL|GROUPS The Danish Top Executive Network

How did the Blue Ocean Strategy begin?

W. Chan Kim and I have been working together for almost 30 years now, first in the US and now at INSEAD, just outside Paris. But there have also been side-trips to Asia.

We asked ourselves why some businesses are capable of creating growth, while others are not. To answer this, we reviewed data from more than 30 sectors covering more than a century.


Surprisingly, we were unable to find evidence that specific sectors or businesses always create growth.

Instead, our research revealed something else: that there are a number of strategic initiatives which create what we call "blue oceans." This is when businesses excel over others, thus enabling them to create lasting growth with positive earnings.

This was the basis of what later became our book Blue Ocean Strategy.

Read the full article here


What is Your Blue Ocean

Rob Adair, President of Pinnacle Solving, describes how the book Blue Ocean Strategy has changed his career. By asking himself, “what’s my blue ocean strategy?” Mr. Adair was able to devise his own blue ocean and grow his business tremendously.
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RadioINK Dec 2012 USA (In English)


Cleansing Your Competitive Self in a "Blue Ocean"

A motivating story of how Blue Ocean Strategy has inspired and empowered Kay Green, CEO and President of RKG Marketing Solutions of Atlanta, to differentiate herself and create her own authentic brand.
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Central Valley Business Times Dec 2012 USA (In English)


Thinking Strategy, Think Blue Ocean

Des Walsh, a social media strategist and business coach, chooses blue ocean strategy as his strategic organizing principle in 2013.
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deswalsh Jan 2013 Australia (In English)


Creating Blue Ocean Opportunity for Yourself

The author recommends blue ocean strategy to create new opportunities for oneself.
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Blogging4jobs Nov 2012 USA (In English)


Building Your New Business in 2013

Matt Antonino, owner & SEO consultant at High on SEO, gives an inspiring call for breaking from red ocean of competition and creating your own, unique blue ocean.
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SavvySME Jan 2013 Malaysia (In English)


Hearty Mart: Endearing Success of a Small-Town Retailer

Founder of Hearty Mart (HM) supermarket, Nadeem Jafri, says his venture is a blue ocean strategy. Identifying an untapped market space where no other organized retail chains were present, Jafri started Hearty Mart Enterprises, a wholesale supplier to hotels. Merging with Ashish Enterprises, a supplier to highway hotels, HM Enterprises has grown into a food company with interests across the entire farm-to-shelf value chain.
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Forbes India Nov 2012 India (In English)


BlueKai: Not Just a Data Warehouse Anymore

BlueKai is an advertising technology firm that derived its name from the book Blue Ocean Strategy. Originally BlueKai created an untapped market by enabling companies to buy and sell consumer data on the NASDAQ. However, over the last year and half it ventured beyond the market of merely facilitating data transaction to helping companies get the most out of it. BlueKai built a data management platform for companies to store their own data and cross-reference it with third-party data for specialized audience targeting.
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ADWEEK Dec 2012 USA (In English)


Crown Jewel of Infrastructure: Emaar’s Delhi Property

Emaar is a Dubai real estate company known for luxury buildings. It entered Indian market through a partnership with Indian real estate competitor MGF. The company now known as Emaar MGF has built many luxury structures across the country. Apart from the success in major cities, Emaar MGF has pursued a blue ocean strategy and looked for a market where there were no competitors, creating a new market by venturing into the tier-2 city market, which turned out to be a successful expansion strategy.
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Go Articles Nov 2012 India (In English)


Finding Your Niche

The author of this article discusses how value innovation can help attract new clients. A financial advisory service for families with special-needs children is presented as an example of a successful application of blue ocean strategy in the financial sector.
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Financial Advisor Magazine Nov 2012 USA (In English)


Proeight Aggressively Expanding Operations

Proeight Offshore Engineering, a Bumiputera marine engineering company, claims to have used blue ocean strategy to emerge as a complete engineering solution company for the oil and gas industry. "Using blue ocean strategy, we use creative and innovative ways in each solution", says Managing Director Azhar Zainal Abidin.
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Harian Metro Nov 2012 Malaysia (In Bahasa Malaysia)


GIGCA to Introduce Their Support Project for Green Car Industry

GIGCA (Gwanhjju Institute of Green car Component Industry Advancement) participated in 'Green Car Korea 2012' and introduced their support projects for the green car industry. GIGCA was established to promote Gwanhjju-si as a Mecca for environmentally friendly auto technology. In particular, they have a strategy to build a blue ocean for the future of green car industry through constructing infrastructure, promoting manpower, and developing technologies for clean diesel, hybrid, electric, and fuel cell cars.
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Aving Global Network Nov 2012 Korea (In English)


Make 2013 an Excellent Year, Najib Tells Civil Servants

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, urged civil servants to ensure that the 2013 budget is implemented efficiently and smoothly by focusing on the national transformation agenda. The Prime Minister stressed that civil servants place emphasis on the implementation of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS).
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The Borneo Post Jan 2013 Malaysia (In English)


Reinventing Brand Nepal

The article suggests there are plenty of opportunities for Nepal to achieve the success that Switzerland and Dubai have reached. Nepal needs to find alternative revenue sources as a means of lessening its dependence on foreign aid. It must also stop competing in areas where it has no comparative advantage and focus on creating a blue ocean. This can be achieved through determined leadership and direction.
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Nepali Times Nov 2012 Nepal (In English)


National Blue Ocean Strategy to Fight Crime Borne Fruits

Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, said the National Blue Ocean Strategy launched two years ago for the collaboration between police and the armed forces to combat crime has borne results. "Malaysia is the only country where it is clear that police and soldiers can work along exceptionally well, by adopting the strategy," he said.
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The New Straits Times Dec 2012 Malaysia (In English)


All Four Years of Chemical Engineering Now at ITB

Brunei Darussalam is making steps to improve the country’s education system. For the first time since its establishment, the Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) has created a fully local four-year degree programme in Petroleum and Chemical Engineering that will enable both the oil and gas as well as downstream industries to recruit high calibre locals. To achieve international recognition by 2018, ITB has applied blue ocean strategy to focus on teaching, research, and social engagement as the three main areas for development.
Read more Nov 2012 Brunei (In English)


E-Learning as a Career Path in Information Systems Curricula: A Blue Ocean Opportunity

Mills, Robert J., and Kelly Fadel. "E-Learning as a Career Path in Information Systems Curricula: A Blue Ocean Opportunity." American Journal of Business Education. Vol. 5, no 2 (March-April 2012): 103-114.

Summary: The authors see emerging career opportunities in the fast-growing e-learning industry as a blue ocean opportunity. They argue that e-learning careers require expertise in business and information technology as well as in instructional design, and that most academic institutions lack cohesive programs that can train a student in all three subject areas. The authors use the strategy canvas as a tool to analyze existing programs on instructional technology, human resources, and information systems and suggest that boundaries can be reconstructed across these three disciplines to capitalize on this blue ocean opportunity. According to the authors, success might be achieved by a nominal curriculum adjustment to the Information Systems (IS) programs. They take up the case of the model curriculum for Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program (as proposed by Gorgone, 2006) and suggest incorporating e-learning as a career track in the program. They show that an e-learning IS career track can enhance the appeal of the IS major by providing students access to this multi-billion dollar industry, opening the students to additional employment opportunities. In creating a win-win for both the students and the universities offering such programs, a new market space in higher learning is opened up.
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The Chaotic Blue Ocean

Becker, Hilary M. “The Chaotic Blue Ocean.” Review of Business Research 8 (October 2008): 125-131.

Summary: This paper explores the relationship between Chaos theory and blue ocean strategy. The author notes that Chaos theory has proliferated into an array of mathematical problems over the last century with implications for a number of real world problems such as mapping ocean currents or evaluating coronary blood flow. The author argues that change is central to Chaos theory and correspondingly, the only constant for businesses and their environments is that they continue to change. Changes can come both from internal and external sources and can lead to opportunity or disaster for an organization. The author argues that blue ocean strategy allows companies to take advantage of chaos, by outlining a systematic approach to searching for and identifying opportunities, and then capturing them for gain. In mathematical and scientific disciplines, chaotic events that initially appear to be vague and random, when studied with the proper tools, prove to have predictable and controllable features that often yield new insights and allow the observer to solve problems. The study suggests that similarly blue ocean strategy brings a sense of order and comprehension to chaotic business environments. By providing tools and frameworks such as the six paths framework for reconstructing market boundaries; visualizing strategy with big picture tools; reaching beyond existing demand; realizing value innovation and overcoming organizational hurdles, blue ocean strategy essentially provides a methodology whereby chaos can be developed and cultivated into a new product or service.
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Bestsellers of All Time

Blue Ocean Strategy is selected as one of the 15 Best Business Books of the last decade in Russia by коммерсанть ("Merchant") magazine.
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6 Books for Inspiring Start-ups

Exame, a business magazine in Brazil, has selected Blue Ocean Strategy as one of the most inspiring books for startups. "[The book] brings a different way of putting the strategy into practice".
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10 Books That Help Leaders Keep Their Skills Sharp

Michael Koopman, CEO of getAbstract Inc., recommends 10 books that help orient firms’ leadership in the best possible direction. For modern leaders to be successful, they must empower employees, focus on the individual, and drive innovation through partnerships. Blue Ocean Strategy is among the top 10: "This breakthrough book is essential for any strategist or entrepreneur who wants to move out of intensively competitive, shark-infested waters and into an opportunity-filled, open ocean".
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