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Press Reviews

In the past seven years Blue Ocean Strategy has been reviewed by countless publications.

Some of the reviews...

“Challenges everything you thought you knew about strategy.”
Business Strategy Review
“Provides tools any company can use to create its own blue ocean.”
Advertising Age
“Rather than compete, dip into a 'Blue Ocean'.”
The Boston Globe
“Clearly written, offering many examples of blue ocean strategies…There are plenty of books that deal with developing strategy for competing in your existing markets, but what caught my attention with this book was BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY's focus on developing strategy in new, nonexistent markets.”
“Blue Ocean Strategy will have you wondering why companies need so much persuasion to stay out of shark-infested waters.”
BusinessWeek, USA
“In the fierce climate of today's business world, it's startling to hear the assertion that the way to win is to stop competing. That's exactly what Blue Ocean Strategy proposes. W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, a European strategy Guru team [present]... a comprehensive study of companies that achieve blue ocean status.”
Dallas Morning News, USA
“Read this book. Not tomorrow. But today. Turn off your television. Light your lamp and go for a sail on the blue ocean, where none of your competitors have ever been. And where the rules are unknown. That is where you will find all the possibilities. This is one of the greatest strategy books ever!”
Jyllands Posten, Denmark
“Blue Ocean by far the most potent book I've read in 2005.”
Across the Board
“Even before you have finished [Blue Ocean Strategy's] 240 pages of analysis and action frameworks you will be trying to figure out which ocean your company is sailing on (it may be both) and at what cost to growth and profits (probably higher than you think).”
Industry Week, USA
“A book like this is a rare thing. Everyone should read it. It must give rise to discussion in management committees and boards of directors. Put it on your table as a reminder and as a provocation.”
Børsen, Denmark
“I found myself staying awake and reading it throughout the night. I found it critically insightful for many reasons, and I encourage you to get a copy ASAP and consider how it applies to your organization.”
Associations Now
“Not since Michael Porter set the standard for competitive thought in the 1980s, with Kenichi Ohmae doing the same for Japanese business, has a more groundbreaking work been produced in business strategy. Read this book before your competitors get there first.”
The Daily Yomiuri
“W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne have made a real contribution to advancing the thinking on business strategy, and they have done so with clear prose and an engaging style. They offer a set of practical frameworks and models that enables one to quickly grasp what appear to be intuitively obvious points, but are in reality profound insights and breakthrough contributions to business strategy literature. I found myself even reading the appendices it was that good.”
CsC World
“The moment you sit back and say how can we create a new industry then you start to break that cycle. All industries are created not by big resources but by big ideas.” Big ideas also change the way we think about business.”
Business Strategy Review
“Each decade has its management guru whose work strongly influences management practices. In the current decade, the book likely to wield influence is Blue Ocean Strategy.”
CA Magazine
“CEOs should not merely compete in commoditized sectors. They must break free.”
Chief Executive
“Don't compete in an existing market space; create a new one without any competition. Don't try to fight for demonstrated demand; build new demand. Kim and Mauborgne render competition irrelevant and provide tools any company can use to create its own blue ocean.”
Advertising Age

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