How does blue ocean leadership differ from tipping point leadership?

[webinar_qna question=’How does blue ocean leadership differ from tipping point leadership mentioned in the book?’] Tipping point leadership is about how to execute strategy fast and at low cost. It provides companies with a specific framework to be used, together with fair process, for overcoming the four key organizational hurdles that block implementation; namely, the cognitive, resource, motivational, and political hurdles. The subject of study of blue ocean leadership, by contrast, is leadership itself and it is about applying the concepts and logic of blue ocean strategic thinking to redefine the ‘what’ of leadership – that is, what acts and activities leaders should invest their time and talent in to unlock the energies and capabilities of the people they lead on an ongoing basis. Its four-step process guides leaders to systematically explore and develop the content of the new leadership practice that will result in a leap in leadership strength fast and at low cost. [/webinar_qna]