How do you protect engaged employees from disengaged ones?

[webinar_qna question=’How do you protect engaged people from not engaged or actively disengaged people? How do you encourage engaged people and how do you deal with those who are not engaged or are actively disengaged?’]The key here is to turn the great majority of disengaged people into engaged ones and make the engaged people more motivated by drastically improving leadership practice, instead of dividing the workforce into two groups and treating them differently. Our experience shows that most – not all – disengaged people do not want to stay disengaged if conditions permit and they do want to be seen in a positive light by their bosses and colleagues and have a successful career. And by engaging them in the blue ocean leadership process, and learning first hand what actions leaders take or fail to take that hold them back, leaders can hope to define a new leadership profile that will result in a step change in employee engagement. As disengaged people become engaged, those already engaged tend to get even more motivated, seeing that the number of free-riders is reduced and that good conduct is recognized and duly rewarded.[/webinar_qna]