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  • 24Jun '15

    Pastors Want to Create a Christian Community Open to All

    Michigan Radio

    Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor is part of a wider Blue Ocean Faith Church Network that takes a blue ocean strategy-inspired approach to practicing their religion. Blue Ocean Faith Ann [...]
  • 23Jun '15

    For Unlimited Growth, Master ‘Blue Ocean’ Sales

    Conner, C.

    Blue Ocean selling, according to Blue Ocean sales expert Paul Lemberg, is one of the “most dramatic ways to propel a company’s growth.” Blue Ocean selling is the B2B concept [...]
  • 23Jun '15

    Ogechi: 3 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Readily Have Answers To

    Igbokwe, O.
    Bella Naija

    Ogechi Igbokwe, the founder of, shares how Blue Ocean Strategy helped her to find the purpose of her organization and craft her company’s mission statement. aims to take [...]
  • 23Jun '15

    What Happened When Linkin Park Asked Harvard for Help with Its Business Model

    Berry, K.
    Harvard Business Review

    Through their innovation company Machine Shop, for a decade alternative-rock group Linkin Park explored projects in art, video games, and video content, and also helped musicians, film studios, TV networks [...]
  • 23Jun '15

    Oceano Azul: Marujo, Há um Mar de Novos Mercados Esperando por Você! Leia Mais em Endeavor [Blue Ocean : Sailor ,There are New Sea Markets Waiting for You! Read more in Endeavor]

    Endeavor Brazil

    Through blue ocean strategy, entrepreneurs can and must flee the competition in already explored markets, and instead create new markets, says Endeavor, an organization focused on nurturing entrepreneurship. Endeavor encourages [...]
  • 22Jun '15

    NBOS Subsidy to Bump up Fishing Income in August

    Borneo Post

    Fishermen in East Malaysia can expect to earn more for their hauls from August this year due to a National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) program. The program will increase the [...]
  • 22Jun '15

    How Palantir Built a $15 Billion Growth Engine

    Desmond, N.
    Nate Desmond

    Palantir, a machine-augmented data analysis company worth $15billion, owes their success in part to a blue ocean approach to the (civilian) market, writes Nate Desmond, a self-proclaimed growth hacker. Palantir [...]
  • 22Jun '15

    How to Improve Your Strategic Position

    Johnson, K.D.
    The Entrepreneur Mind

    “If you have a blue ocean, you are on your way to tremendous success.” President of Johnson Media Inc. and serial entrepreneur Kevin D. Johnson champions blue ocean strategy approach [...]
  • 22Jun '15

    Llega a Colombia Sky Telemedical [Sky Telemedical Arrives in Colombia]

    Mix News Colombia

    “We believe that the Colombian market is a blue ocean, as more than 95% of the population has no access to voluntary health plans.” Esteban Velásquez Velilla, the Founder of [...]
  • 21Jun '15

    โค้งแห่งคุณค่าเพื่อการพัฒนาโรงพยาบาลของรัฐ : แก้ไขปัญหาโรงพยาบาลเอกชนราคาแพงและแก้ปัญหาโรงพยาบาลของรัฐขาดทุน [The Value Curve of the Development of the State Hospital: Troubleshoot Expensive Private Hospitals and Public Hospitals Loss Solutions].

    Manager Online

    A professor at the Insurance and Risk Management Institute in Thailand analyzes the value of medical services in public hospitals. It discusses creating Value Curves and an ERRC Grid in [...]

Red Ocean Traps

Harvard Business Review

In this new Harvard Business Review article, the authors of Blue Ocean Strategy define mental models that undermine market-creating strategies.

In the ten years since the first edition of Blue Ocean Strategy was published, Professors Kim and Mauborgne have had myriad conversations with managers and executives about their market-creating strategies. What they’ve learned: one of the most common stumbling blocks isn’t a lack of vision or even funding, but an executive’s own mental models – in other words, his or her assumptions about the way the world works. They call such assumptions “Red Ocean Traps.”

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    Executive Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Daymond John

    Entrepreneur and Investor, ABC show Shark Tank

  • Brian Halligan

    CEO and Co-Founder, HubSpot

  • Rob Coneybeer

    Founder, Shasta Ventures

  • Tim Ferriss

    Entrepreneur, Author

  • Park Geun-hye

    President, South Korea

  • Dharmesh Shah

    CTO and Co-founder, HubSpot

  • Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

    Prime Minister of Malaysia

  • Terry Gou

    Chairman and CEO, Foxconn

  • Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle

    President of Chile (1994-2000), 2009 Presidential Candidate

  • Aaron Levie

    CEO, Box

  • John Riccitiello

    Former CEO , Electronic Arts (EA Games)

  • Tan Sri Ali Hamsa

    Chief Secretary to the Government, Malaysia

  • Patrick Snowball

    CEO, Suncorp Group

  • Marcelo Toledo

    Founder and CEO, Payleven, Rocket Internet Group, CTO of Hi Internet