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Red Ocean Traps

Harvard Business Review

In this new Harvard Business Review article, the authors of Blue Ocean Strategy define mental models that undermine market-creating strategies.

In the ten years since the first edition of Blue Ocean Strategy was published, Professors Kim and Mauborgne have had myriad conversations with managers and executives about their market-creating strategies. What they’ve learned: one of the most common stumbling blocks isn’t a lack of vision or even funding, but an executive’s own mental models – in other words, his or her assumptions about the way the world works. They call such assumptions “Red Ocean Traps.”

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Latest News

  • 09Mar '15

    Interview: ‘Inserts may not be sexy, but they have massive scale’

    Danielli, D.

    “The big book for me was the Blue Ocean Strategy,” answered Jim Lewcock, CEO of Specialist Works media company, when asked by PrintWeek if he subscribed to any business methodologies. [...]
  • 09Mar '15

    Best Books to Read with Church Councils or Boards

    Lutheran Confessions blog

    Blue Ocean Strategy is on this list of the best books to read with church councils or boards. According to the author, too many churches try only the red ocean [...]
  • 02Mar '15

    Список рекомендуемых книг Германа Грефа [A list of recommended books from German Gref]

    LS Analytics

    The current president of Sberbank and former Minister of Economics and Trade of Russia, German Gref, has included Blue Ocean Strategy on a list of books he recommends.
  • 01Mar '15

    Trinidad & Tobago Confident Of Malaysia’s Capabilities to Lead Commonwealth, CAPAM


    Tan Sri Ali Hamsa, the President of the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM), following an invitation to Trinidad and Tobago has stated that the Caribbean country is [...]
  • 28Feb '15

    The Business Book Best Seller List for February 2015


    Blue Ocean Strategy took the 8th place on 800CEOREAD’s bestseller list for February 2015.

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